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Tip Me Tuesday

Welcome to Tip Me Tuesday! The Blogisphere is full of wonderful people, willing to share great advice. We just have to ask for it. That is why I have started Tip Me Tuesday. An easy way to ask for tips and suggestions about any problem you might be having. Nothing is off limits and everyone is welcome to participate. Or just share a great tip of your own. Just make your own Tip Me Tuesday post and return to leave the link below...

Sorry this is so late. I have been down in the dumps today. I guess I could write all this stuff up when I feel well and set it to auto post, but then I would feel like I was cheating LOL

Today's Tip...

Hide your credit card statements and revenge shopping receipts under a pile of dirty dishes or the vacuum cleaner. Other good spots are beneath new rolls of toilet paper or packages of light bulbs, in the pantry. Your husband will never find them there! Or at least mine wouldn't...

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