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Tip Me Tuesday

Welcome to Tip Me Tuesday! The Blogisphere is full of wonderful people, willing to share great advice. We just have to ask for it. That is why I have started Tip Me Tuesday. An easy way to ask for tips and suggestions about any problem you might be having. Nothing is off limits and everyone is welcome to participate. Or just share a great tip of your own. Just make your own Tip Me Tuesday post and return to leave the link below...

Uses For Petroleum Jelly

1.Stop battery post corrosion by applying Petroleum Jelly on the terminals.

2.To keep your locks from freezing, smear Petroleum Jelly on the shaft of the key and insert it into the lock. Work the key and lock 4 or 5 times to lubricate the tumblers.

3. Apply a thin coat around you hairline, before coloring your hair, to prevent staining your skin.

4.Apply to squeaky door hinges.

5. Apply a thin coating to baby's bottom at diaper change, to protect their skin.

6.Apply a thin coating to your wrists before dabbing on perfume. The scent will last longer.

7.Apply to the sides of your fingers and base of your nails, before polishing. Makes cleaning up boo-boos a breeze.

8.Apply to your toddler's eyebrows, before shampooing their hair. It helps shield their eyes from any stray shampoo that might run down their face. Plus, you can then comb their eyebrows to look like Spock's and take awesome photos for your blog!

9.Apply to the threads of your nail polish bottle to prevent it from getting stuck.

10.Apply to the threads of the bulbs in your outdoor lights to prevent them from getting stuck.

11. Petroleum Jelly also makes a great sexual aid! Just apply generously to your bedroom doorknob and close the door. You and your mate will have hours of alone time, before the kids manage to open the door! ;P


  1. LOL!!! I'm sure you know what I was thinking when I started to read the last tip. *blush*

  2. #11 is the best tip I have ever heard!!! With the way Den and I are fighting, I'm going to give this a try! Thank you.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE #11...so funny!!!!!!! Natalee

  4. Have you ever put vaseline on your hands and wore socks on them over night? It heals extremely dry/cracked hands and leaves them very soft.

    Loved your last tip for the bedroom door!


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