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Mighty Monday

Welcome to Mighty Monday! I'll admit that I have never managed well with "To Do" lists. Actually, adding something to a list is almost a guarantee that I won't get around to it. If, by some miracle, I manage not to lose the list, there is still that tiny spark of rebellion in me, that makes me hate all things regimented. So, each Monday, I will post a list of things that I might get accomplished in the coming week. The following Monday, I will post a list of what I actually finished.

Feel free to make your own Mighty Monday list and post the link below in the Mr Linky form...

Last Week's To Do Might Do List

1.I MIGHT remove all of the toys, extra pillows, children's clothing, dirty dishes, and video games, from my bedroom and declare it MY ROOM again. Somehow, my bedroom has become everyones favorite place. It is where Ross prefers to build with Mega Blocks, where Tallen prefers to watch TV, where Cina and Selly prefer to try on different outfits and check them out in the mirror. It looks like a frat house. Whenever I ask who left this or that strewn about, nobody ever knows...


I think I may need to resort to extreme measures. Perhaps I should move the washer and dryer into my room. The girls are scared stiff of those things!

2.I MIGHT clean the carpets.

Did I ever mention that I hate carpet. Really, I do. Or maybe, I just hate the carpet in my house. I hate the colors,my bedroom has a center covering of beige with an 18" trim of hunter freaking green! "What the hell were you thinking?" I ask Hubs. Well, he says, I had extra green left over from the living room and thought it would look nice." IT DOESN'T! Tallen's room has blue carpet that must be 10,000 years old. The pantry (used to be a bedroom) has 1970's gold
carpeting, this theme is carried on over to Selly's room with the same ugly gold carpet. Upstairs, both of those bedrooms have the same beige that is center stage in my room.

Now, I would be happy with tile or hardwood all through the house. But if I mention this, Hubs takes it personally. He says the carpet has a lot of years left in it ( Lord help me!) and then tells me how he drove X amount of miles, all the way to a carpet supplier in SC and bought this stuff. Sheesh, I'll bet they had a party after he left! "Cheers to the sucker, who just drove 2 zillion miles and paid us way too much, for that cheesy ass carpeting, we got such a deal on, after The Brady Bunch was cancelled!"

So, I clean it, hoping it will make me like it better, it doesn't work...


The rain Gods heard got word of my plan and decided to make it Monsoon Season in NC. Had I cleaned the carpets, then witnessed Hubs tracking red mud through the house, the whole situation would have turned ugly.

3. I MIGHT break Percy to walk on a leash. It must be true the Yorkies really have no clue as to how small they are. Percy weighs 3.5 lbs. He will run out the door and trot around the yard on his own just fine. My worry is that one of the larger dogs could kill him in just one snap. So, I need to keep him right with me whenever he goes for a walk. The problem? Whenever I hook a leash to his collar, he goes insane! He swats at his neck until he gets the leash pulled under his neck, then he locks it in a death grip between his front paws, stands up, and walks upright like a person. Not a good position for peeing or pooping. Well, good for him maybe, but not for my shoes or pants legs.


I'm beginning to think this dog has some deep seated issues...

4. I MIGHT get my pantry organized. Woe is me, if I ever walk into the kitchen and find it spotless. This would make most moms happy. But, I know that the clean counters and empty table top only means that the girls have taken all these things and shoved them into the pantry.

I just don't understand. When I was a kid, my siblings or I would never thought of doing such a thing. I don't recall if it was out of fear or not, but our house was always clean and we kids did the cleaning. During the summer months, we got out of bed in the mornings and set right to work. Making the beds, cleaning the kitchen sweep floors etc. And we always started on the dinner dishes right after supper. Our biggest dilemma was who would wash and who would rinse. During the school year, we came home each day and cleaned up the house before even doing homework. I don't ever recall having to be told to do these things, it was just a given. It seems with my kids, even cleaning their rooms is a Have to Tell them To kind of situation...


Just as well, wouldn't want to upset the family of trolls that have probably set up house in there by now.

5. I MIGHT get along with Hubs for a whole week. I am going to keep adding this one. Though it is beginning to seem in vain LOL Lord knows I try but I am beginning to think that the only way to get along with Hubs is to have him say what he wants and do what he wants, whenever he wants, and never disagree. Well, that just isn't my nature...


I'm thinking that perhaps I just haven't used the right tools to achieve this one. Perhaps duct tape and a taser?

This Week's To Do Might Do List

 I'm not giving up. I am going to try to keep working on last week's list...


  1. Hi Dawna,

    You are so freakin hilarious. It's great to laugh first thing on a Monday!

    As for your dated carpet, I just so happened to be an Interior Designer (non-working one) who would love to give you a few tips (for free) about your problem.

    1. Stop fighting the colors. Until you can replace the carpet just make peace. Try bringing in some modern colors like chocolate brown, tans, gray, oranges, yellow, a nice green/blue (soft), creme.

    2. Go through your house and find the things that really make you happy to be around and highlight those things by framing, displaying, grouping, etc.

    3. If your uphulstered furniture is also dated with odd colors, get some neutral covers to update their look; also add some modern throw pillows in one or several of the above mentioned colors.

    4. Never underestimate the power of paint.

    5. Declutter as much as you can. Having too much stuff around you can actually make you hate your home (it does me). You can do this in stages so it doesn't become so overwhelming.

    If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I will come and help you.

  2. I just found you through Blogfrog. My list would be much longer than yours, I wouldn't get any of it done,and then I'd feel bad about myself. So no list here I just throw it in my mind and it gets tossed around with the rest of the stuff :-) As for dirty carpets my mom just moves furniture over the dirty parts, doesn't matter it the furniture is out of place or not!!!

  3. Oh and I did a linky thing and shouldn't have. I have no list to share, just Lilyisms today. Trying to set up a new website w/o a list is hard!

  4. Dawna, this is one of the reasons I never write a to do list. I don't want to remember what I didn't get done. LOL!

  5. Dawna..so funny..im from followers club..your post very funny..i'll be back...natalee http://totmama.blogspot.com/

  6. I got a good laugh out of your post. Reminds me of ME. LOL
    Good luck with the list. And if you put it off this week, remember...3rd time's a charm!

  7. Kellie,
    Thanks! Those are some awesome tips. Trust me, hubs taste in furniture was/is just as bad. Slowly, pieces get worn out and I have the great joy of hauling them away. I'm still waiting on The Big Green Ugly to die. You can see it in an older post of mine here...


    I have put neutral colored covers on it before, but as it is Hubs favorite place to bask in the glow of The Outdoor Channel, the covers tend to be wriggled off within a few hours...

  8. Lily,
    That's too funny! I have considered doing just that. But, I sure would have some large items sitting in some weird places. lol

  9. Frances,
    That makes perfect sense. I guess I just have a grudge against myself or something...

  10. Natalee,
    Glad you stopped by and thanks so much for the follow!

  11. Aubrey,
    May as well chalk me up as "charmed", cause this week ain't looking too promising either! lol


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