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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

What a Rip Off!

It is a new month, which means that we were able to use another $25 coupon to Sagebrush Steak House, from restaurant dot com, on our Girls' Night Out this past Wednesday.

Tallen hadn't felt well all day that day. The same change in weather conditions that give me migraines, do the same for poor Tallen. After he had spent most of the day in bed, I decided to try and perk him up. He had a cool bath and then went outside for a while and soon was feeling much better, but to be safe, I took him along for our night out. He had a blast! It is always fun to go out with him because you can never predict what he might do or say. Well, he kept us laughing all evening but I'll just share one of the funniest things he did...

After dinner, we went to Wally World. While there, Renni bumped into a friend of her's that works there. We all stopped to talk in what just happened to be the personal care aisle. Renni's friend attempted to have a conversation with Tallen but he was too busy reading to respond. This is how it went...

Tallen: "Depend, Underwear for Men. Depend, Underwear for Women."

Renni's Friend: "Oh my goodness! That's exactly what they say!"

T: "Depend, Underwear for Men and Underwear for Women?

R F: "Yes, they are for men and women."

T: "For men and women?"

R F: Nods, "Yes"

T: "What a rip off!!"
As he says this, he springs up like a jackrabbit and does his best to pull his shirt over his head. Thus ripping it off. I, my sister, and Renni, all pounce for him at once, to prevent his stripping down in the middle of Walmart. I have no idea if he saw this on TV or if he has just heard the term "Rip Off" before and took it literally. At any rate, he sure added some excitement to our conversation. lol

If You Don't Mind Funky Colors...

You might want to check your local Walmart for some great deals on plastic hangers and totes. They are putting all those college coorrdinates on clearance. Mine had 18 packs of plastic hangers for $1 and Sterlite totes for $2.

Christmas Again Already?

Yesterday, Hubs called the Perv that we have been arguing about so much and asked him to come help repair some downed fences. The best argument that he can come up with is that the man has never been convicted of any crimes of that nature and that he is a hard worker. I told him that predators usually assault over 100 victims before being caught the first time. I also told him that John Wayne Gacy was a clown and most likely a very good one, then they found 47? or more bodies buried under his house.

I am so sick of trying to make my point about this. He says that if any man ever made the stupid mistake of touching one of the kids he would make him regret it. I say, why on earth would we ever wait for that to happen? We ( I should say HE as I obviously don't) have control over who does and does not come onto this property. So, even if I am wrong, which I am not, I would rather err on the side of keeping our kids safe.

Then, after 10:00 last night, his brother, the one that pointed the gun at me, called and Selly answered. He asked to speak to either me or Hubs so she gave me the phone. I swear, he was so drunk that there was a 30 second pause between each of his words. He told me he wanted to talk to Hubs but was on a cell phone and lost connection. I hope he wasn't driving. Hubs tried him back twice and never got an answer. No sooner had I lost connection with him, than the phone rang and it was Hubs friend who had caught me sitting alone in my Durango at the store when I was pregnant with Ross and had climbed through the car window on me and I had grabbed the only thing I could get ( Cina's cheerleading sneaker) and beat him in the head with it. ( Long story, will tell later) and Hubs was chatting away to him. Then a truck came down the drive and skeered me so bad that I thought I might faint, as I thought it was BIL out here drunk. Turned out it was a neighbor looking for their dog. Needless to say, I had a hard time sleeping last night.

Michelle Duggar #2

I have been seeing a lot of negative press about the Duggars and the fact that they are now pregnant with child #19. It's funny to me that it should come up, as I have been threatening for a couple of weeks to transform into the next Michelle. Why?
1.She has peace of mind. She seems so sure in her decision to live her live the way she does. She makes no apologies for it.

2.She is well organized. I would love to spend a whole day with her and take notes.

3.She is frugal ( although I never see her use coupons which makes me crazy. She could save a ton on her stockpile by couponing. Heck, buy some papers and give those kids some scissors!) So what if this is kid 19! These folks shop at thrift stores, rarely eat out, and even make their own laundry detergent! (So do I and I was doing it before Michelle! HA! ) Plus they do not rely on assistance for their survival. I say leave them be!

4. Her husband respects her opinion and it nice to her.

5.She finally stopped doing that weird thing with her bangs and that makes me like her even more.

6. Her kids love her and are so well behaved.

7.She never says bad words. ( I dare her to live with Hubs and never say a bad word!)

I wonder if I could pull it off? I will however pass on having more children. My last three were positioned butt first and I needed C-sections. I am told I have a heart shaped uterus and so will always have butt first kids LOL

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