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Is It Delivery Or Is it Me, Having A Stupid Dream About Digiorno?

Yesterday, I had a strange morning. First of all, Tallen opened the door and let our friend/tenant "T" in, while we were all still asleep and oblivious to the fact. Well "T" had came by to tell hubs that one of our cows had given birth to a stillborn calf.

Anywho, there I was, snoozing away on the sofa, with Ross' feet in my neck. She and I had a late night and were sleeping in. I have no clue that anyone is there. I was busy having a stupid dream where hubs and I were buying gas at this pump that spit out awesome, high value coupons, for every gallon we purchased. (anyone else sense a deep seated coupon addiction here? lol) Anywho, after we filled up on gas, we returned home. It seems that we were renting out our home to some grouchy old man. I have no idea where we lived. Well, we stop by to visit the old man and he says to me, " Who the hell was calling here at six o'clock this morning?" Somehow I knew it was the folks at Digiorno pizza, calling me about a rebate check ( this is not real LOL and I have no idea why I would dream it) I tell the old man ," It was Digiorno." He cups his hand behind his ear and shouts, "Who?!". I shout back loudly, "Digiorno!".

Well, I was abruptly awakened by Hubs yelling at me to wake up as he needed his medicine and something to wear. He also wanted me to locate the phone as he wanted to see who had called earlier. ( We hide them from Ross at night) I could have choked him as I was sleeping so well and maybe he could have got his own stuff. After an exchange of a few pissy words, I get his stuff. He explains to me that "T" is waiting outside for him and they are going to check on a calf blah blah blah. Finally, I ask, "Were you two talking about Digiorno pizza by any chance this morning? He says, "No, but you were! Talking on and on about Pizza!" Sheesh! How embarrassing! I'm sure T got a hoot out of my laying there drooling and blabbing about pizza lol.

Another Funny...

Yesterday afternoon, Selly and I made Ross and Tallen PB&J sandwiches. Ross never touched her's. She sat her saucer on the end table and fell asleep. There it sat, cut into four yummy triangles, with strawberry jam oozing out a bit. Well, as Ross was snoozing, Tallen happened by and just couldn't resist. Selly and I were sitting in my room discussing Ellen joining American Idol, when she saw Tallen in the living room, eating Ross' sandwich. She asked if it was OK and I said it was, as we could just make Ross another, when she woke up. We went back to the Ellen discussion. Suddenly we hear, "HEY! YOU DROP THAT PIECE OF SANDWICH! IT'S MY SANDWICH! MINE!" Then there was a distinct POP! Ross had awoke, saw Tallen eating her PB&J, gave him what for and then smacked his hand! LOL We had to laugh at her reaction. Needless to say, we made Tallen a new sandwich and replaced Ross' triangles.

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