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Sunday Sampler

A little bit of this, that, and the other...

Darling Dear

Ross has started a strange and very sweet ritual as of late. Each night around bed time, she starts calling me different pet names. First, it was "Dear". As in,
"Where's Tallen at, Dear?" She will babble all sorts of questions and random talk, addressing me as "Dear" at the end of each sentence. Finally, just as she dozes off, ending with, "Goodnight, Dear. I love you, Dear." Last night, I was "Darling". But I have also been, Honey, Sweetie, Sweetheart, and Ma'am.

I'm not sure what inspired her to do this or why she only does it at night. But I hope she doesn't stop soon, as it is absolutely precious.


Lord, help me, they are all over! It is so funny, as any given time of the day, each kitten can be heard, in it's on corner of a room, pouncing around and investigating something it probably shouldn't be messing with. Otherwise, they are all piled up together sleeping.

I nearly fainted the other night. I reached inside a 12 pack carton of pop, that was sitting by the stairs, to take out a drink, and grabbed a warm blob of fur! 'Twas a kitten. lol We gave them the empty carton and that is their favorite place to sleep. Their next favorite would be inside of shoes.

I can't seem to make the girls understand that now, when they are so freaking adorable and irresistible, is the prefect time to find homes for them. They want to wait until they are grown. HA! The orange one already shows a tendency to act like his psycho mother. If he gets worse as he ages, we'll never find him a home. The other kittens are really docile and love to be petted. He, however, is a scrapper and will attack and scratch for the fun of it. Here are a few pictures. The one that is alone is, Smudgy. He is the only long-haired one and looks like he has a smudge of white paint on his forehead. I think we are keeping him. Ignore the lint covered carpet LOL

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  1. Omgoodnes, those kittens are adorable!!

    I am currently Huneeeaaa to my son or, as I call it, and probably you, Honey. I just love how they pick up these terms of endearment and use them on us! The cutest.


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