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Early A.M. Ramblings...

Yes, it's 2:00 a.m. and I am awake. Somehow, I managed to get the longest nap that I can remember in years. For some reason, everyone else managed everything and let me sleep. Maybe they felt sorry for me. I hope so. LOL At any rate, I awoke at 11:00 p.m., finding that everyone was still awake and Ross was needing a bath, but at least they tried. Now, everything has settled down and the house almost seems like The Twilight Zone, being so quiet. That gives my mind a chance to ponder things, which may or may not be for the best...

I was just visiting another blog and followed a link in their blogroll, to a blog that I stopped following ages ago. I don't know why I decided to check it out again. Maybe I was hoping that the person had returned to their old, down-to-earth self, she hasn't. I don't hold it against others that still frequent her blog. I don't feel inclined to say who it is, as my intent is not to begin some sort of blog "war". But her "touch me" attitude as of late, makes me throw up a little.

To put it a different way, I have a ton of life experience packed into my 38 years. I have been a victim of abuse, alcoholism, rape, drug users, child neglect, and lost my father when I was just seven years old. I've been a teen mother, an abused wife, a divorced mother, a single mother, a working mother, a step-mother. I've been anorexic, over weight, anemic, deaf in one ear, blind without glasses or contacts, suffered from Thyroid disease, Lyme disease, gallbladder disease. I've been crashed into by a tractor trailer, I've been shot at, and stared down the barrel of a gun more times than I care to recall. I've been a manager, a receptionist, a store clerk, a seamstress, a waitress, a lumper, a jewelry designer, an artist, a gardener, a farmer, a cook, a graphic designer, and a teacher. I've had two natural childbirths and three C-sections, I have made my own diapers and laundry detergent, I have breastfed and bottle fed, and I have a heart shaped uterus LOL Hence, the three C-sections. I could go on forever. Guess what, that makes me an expert on NOT EVEN ONE OF THOSE THINGS.
There is a difference between experiencing different things and sharing that on the same level with others who can relate and going the other direction and acting like you are the Grand Poobah of all things and appointing yourself an expert and placing yourself on a pedestal above others and acting as though they should feel blessed that you took the time to even reply to one of their comments. Anywho, I'll get off my Soapbox now, that one at least...


  1. Hi there! I was also awake at 2am! But, I just laid in bed...I was too tired to get up, but my brain was ready to! HA!

    Great Post! :)

  2. I'm usually always awake at 2am. My partner gets home from her caregiving gig for her brother late and it's sometimes the only time we get to spend together to catch up on things.


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