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Tip Me Tuesday

Welcome to Tip Me Tuesday! The Blogisphere is full of wonderful people, willing to share great advice. We just have to ask for it. That is why I have started Tip Me Tuesday. An easy way to ask for tips and suggestions about any problem you might be having. Nothing is off limits and everyone is welcome to participate. Or just share a great tip of your own. Just make your own Tip Me Tuesday post and return to leave the link below...

A few random tips, off the top of my head...

I make quick toasted cheese sandwiches for my little ones by toasting a couple of slices of bread in the toaster, sticking a slice of cheese between them, and microwaving for a few seconds. They actually prefer them like this as there is no greasy butter to make their fingers "icky". I'm glad because they really have no nutritional need for all that butter. Of course, my older kids like theirs the old fashioned way with all the butter.

When I need to tighten or remove a large screw and cannot locate a flat edge screwdriver, I have found that the edge of a dime usually works.

I use white vinegar as a rinse agent in my dishwasher. It works great and is a lot cheaper than the bottled stuff.

When closing the car doors, I have the little kids place their hands on their heads until I have shut the doors. This makes is easier to account for where their hands are and ensures that I don't slam any little fingers in the car door.

I have spared myself hearing a lot of tantrums over the years by simply teaching the kids to say, "Help, please!" whenever they were getting frustrated with trying to do something. Hearing those two words is so much nicer than enduring a tantrum!


  1. I've actually heard about using vinegar for your dishes before! But hearing that more people tried it before..makes me wanna try it too:) Thanks for the tips!
    Happy Tuesday!

    * stop by for the dose of random today! lots of updates.. and more random:)

  2. Wow, some really great tips here! I use white vinegar as a fabric softener in our washer when I wash our clothes but I didn't know it could also be used as a rinse agent. Good to know!!

    I'm totally gonna remember the tip about using a dime on a big screw. I needed a flathead screwdriver a few days ago and I could NOT find one in my husband's tool chest.

  3. Great tips. I will definitely be trying the toaster grilled cheese. I think my kiddos will love it. Also, I'm constantly worried about shutting fingers in car doors. I may try out your trick next time and then there will be no worries, plus the kids will probably think it's a fun new game.

    I like your blog. I found you through Mom Bloggers Follow Group. I am now following and looking forward to reading more.


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