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Funny Stuff About Other People - It's Not Easy Being Cheesy...

This funny but true tale comes to you courtesy of a relative, whom I shall call "Berry"...

Years ago, when Berry's only daughter was around age three, she, her husband, and their entire extended family, were very much into dirt bike races. Her husband and her brothers competed in one of these races almost every weekend. Since there were no tracks near their area, this almost always required them to travel well over an hour away from home. Berry preferred to find a sitter for her daughter (Let's call her Nellie) but this wasn't easy, as Nellie had a reputation for being a brat ( she once knocked her mama unconscious by loading up an old purse with rolls of coins, sneaking up behind her, while she was on the computer and swinging the purse, thus slamming it into Berry's skull!). Thus, on this particular night, Berry was forced to take the little girl along to the race.

Well, the race ran late and they had to socialize afterward so this put them heading back home after midnight. When they stopped for gas, Berry's husband bought Nellie a bag of Cheetos. They had decided to spend the night at Berry's mother's house and then go home in the morning. As Berry tells it, she had eaten no dinner and by the time they reached her mama's house, she was starving. But, being even more tired than she was hungry, she just went to bed. She, her husband, and Nellie, all piled up in one double bed, with Nellie sleeping in the middle. They fell asleep almost immediately.

She says that her dreams were filled with all sorts of delicious foods that night. Eventually, she dreamed she was eating a Slim Jim. But, just as she was beginning to "eat" it, she was awakened by Nellie's screams and her husband yelling in horror, "Berry! What the hell are you doing to her!?" She awakened to find that she had Nellie's finger in her mouth, chewing away on it! It seems that Nellie had went to bed with cheesy Cheeto fingers and had been unlucky enough to flop her hand into her mama's face, just as she was dreaming about that Slim Jim.

Like I said, It's not easy being cheesy...


  1. Thanks, Lee! It's for sure that I have known some interesting people in my life!

  2. HAHAHA That's hysterical!
    You truly had me laughing out loud.
    Not to be mean, but Nellie had it coming!


  3. Glad you got a laugh, Sophia! She really did have it coming!

  4. Ha ha! Great story.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Nice to see you.


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