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Top Ten Thursday - Top Ten @#$% Moments From the Past Few Days

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

This is a long one, go pee and grab yourself a cup of coffee...
Top Ten @#$% Moments From the Past Few Days...

1. Night before last, Tallen started ranting about needing to go to town. He said, "We have to go! We're almost out of milk!"

"We have plenty of milk and we are not going to town tonight", I told him.
Fast forward to 5:00 a.m., yesterday morning. I stumble out of bed and turn on the oven to preheat. I am planning to make sausage biscuits. Something easy for Hubs to grab on his way out the door, as he was doing field work yesterday. I get the sausage patties going and set about mixing up the biscuits. I open up the refrigerator and find that the milk jug has vanished. I then see that the jug is sitting by the trash can, completely empty. After some questioning, Tallen admits that he poured it all down the drain, so we could go to town to buy more. Thank goodness I happened to have a box of powdered milk in the pantry!

2. On Tuesday, I decided to steam clean the living room furniture. I vacuumed everything, cleaned all the potato chip crumbs, crayons, hair bows, etc..., from beneath the cushions, and went to retrieve the carpet and upholstery cleaner from the pantry. I opened up the tank and I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes! The dirty water tank was filled with black water that smelled like King Kong farts and it was positively swimming with maggots! That is the point when I started to see Selly's life flash before my eyes!

You see, well over a month ago, she begged me to let her use the cleaner and swore to me that she would clean it back up and leave it just as she found it. Then, she obviously just put it away, without emptying the dirty water. My fault really, as she has done this very thing before and I was stupid enough to let her use the cleaner again. I probably should have made her clean the mess but for starters, anything that smelled that bad and looked that gross was probably toxic so, since I already had a snoot full of it there was no sense in putting her at risk as well, and I didn't want to wait to clean the furniture. So, I spent the next hour scalding, bleaching, and nearly puking, cleaning it up so I could use it.

3. Ross usually needs two baths a day lol She gets one just after lunch and one before bed. Hey, she just has a knack for getting everything she touches all over herself and her clothes. Well, on the same day as the capet cleaner nightmare, I had just taken Ross from the bath and was drying her off. "Where's Pu**y? (Percy)", she asked. That's when it hit me that I had not seen my little dog since we were watching the Today show together that morning. For the next 45 minutes, I searched upstairs and down calling his name. Ross was right in tow, yelling out that dirty word she calls him, as she can't say his name correctly. No luck. I carries Ross outside and we continued to call for him, with no response. This is not like him at all. Hubs' Coon Hounds, that he has been letting run loose for over a week (Lord help me, I hate those chicken killing dogs!) seemed to be acting really guilty. I feared that Percy had crept outside without being noticed when Hub's left that morning. Tears filled my eyes as I imagined those beasts having a 4.5 pound snack. Years ago, I had a beautiful female Yorkie. She was less than 3 pounds. Almost microscopic! She ran past one of Hubs' hounds one day and the dog grabbed her up and shook her till her neck was broken.

I rechecked the house and finally found him in a basket of clothes. He was lethargic and there were Hershey's Miniatures wrappers near him. I called my vet tech friend/ tenant and he told me that if he did indeed eat that much chocolate that he would probably die. Then he told me how to mix s certain charcoal with water and shoot it down his throat with a turkey baster. I followed his instructions and within 3 hours, Percy was back to his old self.

4.My Brew Station, that Stormi bought me a few years ago, is on it's last leg. When I found a great deal online for a Cafe Valencia coffee maker that brews coffee into two travel mugs, I snatched it up. It Brewed exactly four mugs of coffee and then died. Thank goodness I hadn't already disposed of my leaky, dying, Brew Station! I contacted the store I purchased from and they gave me a complete refund.

5. The other day, Hubs went to the drugstore to pick up his Flomax and Advair. He returned home empty handed. It seems that his insurance has reached a coverage gap. He said that the meds were going to cost over $100.00 and he refused to pay that. I was like, " But you have to have that medicine to get by!" and he was like, " I don't care. I'll die before I pay that much!" and I was like, "You're a damned fool...". I swear, two days later I hear him on the phone with a friend, making a deal to purchase this guy's rifle for $125.00! I told him he won't get a lot of use out of any rifle if he's dead!

6. Twice this week, Selly has been asked and then reminded again, to put away the leftovers after dinner. Both times, she has not done it and the food was left out all night. Since I get up at Sparrow's Fart:30 each morning, I usually fall asleep when Ross does and the food is left, being kept warm until Hub's comes home. The girls usually go to bed around 11:00. So I didn't discover this either time until the next morning. When I awoke this morning to find that the roast pork had been left out all night, I was more than annoyed. Hub's said it was my fault, as I should check behind her. I say that 12 is old enough to be given a task to complete, to complete it, and not require being checked behind. But, should she need to be checked on, Hubs was still awake when she went to bed, so why didn't he make sure she had done as she was told??

7. Selly is on a roll this week LOL I asked her to peel potatoes last night. She knows how to do this and, when I am watching her, she does a fine job. I made her and Cina both one of those stylish, skinny, fluffy, neck wraps, as they wanted them for school and needed to finish up Cina's for today. I walked into the kitchen, just as she was peeling the last potato. Thinking that the colander wasn't full enough, considering the amount of potatoes she had started with, I checked the trash. The peels were as thick as my thumb! I mean seriously, I could have sliced them and made fries! The look on her face the minute I walked in proved to me that she knew exactly what she was doing. She just figured she would have them peeled and on to boil, before I came back to the kitchen. Grrrrrr!

8.Ross' real name is a family name. We named her after my husband's grandmother. It is not that common and I think it is beautiful. Well, his first cousin is always giving me flack for naming her that. I mean, when we were at his mother's birthday party, she walked up to me, in front of God and everybody and says, "She is such a pretty baby. I can't believe y'all stuck her with that God awful name! I mean, I thought surely y'all were joking about naming her that. I feel sorry for her having to live the rest of her days with that name." I was taken aback but remained calm and simply replied that I thought it was a beautiful name that suited her very well. My SIL was there and agreed. She added that her daughter had considered using the name for her new baby, but we had taken it first.

Well, a few days ago, this same cousin called and said that some relatives that had never met my kids were at her house and she asked if I would bring Ross up to meet them. She never mentioned Tallen. As I've said before, the whole family acts like Tallen doesn't even exist. Well I declined. But, while she has me on the phone, she starts in about Ross' real name again. She said that she had just been telling the folks at her house that Ross could never move to the big city because she has such a hillbilly name.

Well yesterday, Hubs mentioned that cousin and I said that I don't care for her very much. He became all indignant and demanded to know why. I told him because she acts like Tallen doesn't exist and she always mocks Ross' name. He insisted that she had never done this and that he was sure that she loves Ross name. I told him that she had indeed done just that, even to the point of putting her finger in her mouth and acting like she was gagging. I also reminded him that I had plenty of witnesses that he could ask that have heard her, including Selly, Cina, and whomever was in the room when I talked to her on the phone the other day. I can't believe that he has lived near these jerks his whole life and has no clue as to how they are. I'll bet, if one looks up the word "Oblivious" his face is probably there...

9. Selly caught hub's dog trying to get my chickens again the other morning. When I told him about it, he totally denied that it could be his dog and even suggested that my dog probably started it all and that we just happened to catch his dog there, with the gate open, cause she wanted to see what was going on. Mind you, this is the same dog that slaughtered over 20 of my chicks in one day and killed one of my roosters last week....

10. When Cina returned home Sunday, after a weekend visit with her dad, she was going on about how her Grandfather on her Dad's side had stopped by for a visit and how great he was. I could have screamed! That man is a total womanizing, dead beat dad, monster! He had 13 lovers behind Cina's grandma's back. She discovered it and they were divorced when Cina's dad was six. He married a new woman and adopted her son that she had from a one night stand and totally ignored Cina's dad for years. Many times, he was left on the steps crying because his dad was supposed to pick him up and never showed. When he did ever take him to his house, he was told that any talk about the old days would not be tolerated. When I married Cin's dad, I had two small kids from a previous marriage. Whenever my ex would go visit his Dad for a weekend, he was not allowed to bring my kids because his dad said that they were not his responsibility and they were not welcome. Once, he even sent a game system for X-mas and put on the tag, "for the XX children", meaning that it was not for any kids without his son's last name. When he finally told me what his dad had said, I reasoned that if the kids were not allowed in his house then he shouldn't be allowed in their house. The next time he and his wife appeared on my doorstep, I sent them packing with their tails betwixt their legs. I can't believe he is acting like such a goody goody. Even more so, I cannot believe that Cina is falling for it, hook, line, and sinker...

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