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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

Everyone is welcome to play along!
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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Shopping Nightmares

A few years ago, Cina's dad bought her a Nintendo DS. Sh had a few games, I recall one with puppies and a cooking game. When they released Guitar Hero for DS, she really wanted it and we just couldn't afford it at the time. So earlier today (Thursday), I was online at my favorite place for deals, U Want Savings (their button is in my left sidebar) I had gone their to look at a giant cupcake pan. I decided to browse around and see what was new and was tickled to find two versions of the G H game for DS at a reasonable price. Some places have them for about the same cost but not with free shipping. So I snatched up both of them, thinking they would be a great X-mas gift for Cina.

Well, I can't keep a surprise hidden for the life of me, so when Cin came home from school today, I asked her where her DS was at. She tells me that she gave it to her half brother down at her dad's house. I was livid! For several reasons, first of all, she could have at least mentioned it to me. second of all, she was always stressing that Tallen might break it, every time I let him play with it. And then she just gives it to this child that it even younger than Tallen? Also, U Want Savings has the fastest shipping in the world. I swear, it's almost like I place an order an 10 minutes later, UPS is at my door. Not quite that fast, but honestly, if I order tonight, it will be here day after tomorrow. So, I can't cancel, which means I will have to go through the hassle of returning the games. I'm so annoyed that I could cry! It makes me even angrier that she acts like it's no big deal that she never bothered mentioning it to me. As in, HOW ABOUT CANCELING YOUR REQUEST FOR GUITAR HERO?!

Then, I had bid on some seeds on ebay. When I went to pay the invoice, I realized that, when using Buy It Now,, on some strawberry seeds, I accidentally added a zero and wound up buying TWENTY packs of seeds. So, instead of $4.00, I wound up paying $40.00 I thought about trying to cancel the bid but I didn't want to chance getting a bad feedback.

On A Brighter Note...

My friend in California is thinning out his Iris beds and sent me a box stuffed full of rhizomes. He sent colors that I don't have. I can't wait to see them bloom!

Also, the Venus Fly Trap seeds I ordered arrived today. The instructions for growing are a bit frightening, but I think it will be a great Science project for me and Tallen.

Okie Dokie Karaoke

I got a great deal on a small Karaoke machine. It makes for some great entertainment! I mostly wanted it for Ross, as she loves to sing and dance and I wanted to encourage that, It's a hoot to see how serious her face looks, when she is absorbed in her song rofl. Tallen made us roll laughing when he started belting out a song about ebay by weird Al. I was like, "Tallen, where on earth did you learn that song?" He shrugged and held up his hands and said, "I just found it on YouTube..."

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