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N.E.D. ~ NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE ~ CD Review and Band Spotlight

I recently has the chance to listen to a five Song CD, by the band N.E.D. I wanted to share with my readers, my thoughts impression of their music, as well as tell everyone what an awesome group of people the band N.E.D. is comprised of.

First, I'll share some information about the band...

Comprised of six musically talented gynecologic cancer surgeons, N.E.D.’s mission is to create awareness about gynecologic cancers, to save lives and bring hope to women currently undergoing treatment. No Evidence of Disease was released September 8th to coincide with Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, and has been charting among Amazon’s best selling albums ever since, peaking at number 235.

Next up for N.E.D. is their involvement in the Inaugural Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Movement (GCAM) Weekend in Washington, DC. The weekend includes a 5K and half-marathon race to end women’s cancer on November 8th, as well as a 1-mile walk intended to promote awareness for the diseases and raise funds for they Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF). The band will conclude the events with a live performance at the post-race party for the estimated 10,000 attendees, as a celebration of survivorship. To learn more about the race, please visit www.gcfrace.com.

The band and their EP have received support from MTV’s social change site, Think MTV where they were a featured topic and Lifetime Women’s Network, who throughout the month of September, featured their public service announcement pushing women to know the warning signs and get checked regularly for gynecologic cancers.

 The band has also created a viral widget to promote the initiative, which provides data/statistics about gynecologic cancers, album/band updates, event info, music and a link to donate. The widget has garnered over 130,000 views since its launch in the beginning of September.

 To say that I am impressed with what this band is doing, would be a vast understatement. When faced with life threatening illness, it is all to easy to get the impression that the physicians and surgeons in charge of your care are simply there to do a job and that, once they take off their white coat for the day, you do not even enter their mind again, until your next appointment. That you're almost more of a product than a person. That to them you are no more than some words on a chart. This project, this band, these wonderful people, prove that this is not always the case.  Their concern and care for their patients continues long after the work day ends. My hat goes off to them.

 If I were to say that I expected to enjoy their CD, I would be lying. I was truly expecting to hear classical music, with no words. I was so wrong! I honestly enjoyed listening to this CD. I was surprised that the music reminded me of Boston, Alice in Chains, and 10,000 Maniacs. Ross even danced around to the music and tried to sing along. I love songs that I can dance to and sing along with. But, I also love songs that are so good that I don't even notice the words so much, because the song takes my mind on a journey of  deep thought and reflection of the heart. Hard to explain, but I am sure a lot of you know what I mean. I definitely experienced this while listening to N.E.D.  I strongly suggest that you buy one for yourself. You'll be supporting a great cause and adding some great music to your collection to boot!

N.E.D. Website www.nedtheband.com

MySpace www.myspace.com/noevidenceofdisease

Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/NED/42697252281

Twitter www.twitter.com/nedtheband

The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation (GCF) www.TheGCF.org

Women's Cancer Network (WCN) www.wcn.org

GCF's National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign www.cervicalcancercampaign.org

The Inaugural Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month Half Marathon - www.gcfrace.com

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