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A Fly On The Wall Wednesday

Here are a few things you might have heard this week, had you been buzzing about The Castle of Chaos...

Ross was having trouble dozing off last night. I suggested to Cina that she snuggle with her on the sofa and ask her what foods are eaten by different animals. When that hadn't quite sent her to sleep, Cina decided to ask her the sounds that different animals make. Ross did an amazing job and only missed a few. If she didn't know their sound, she would simply repeat the name of the animal several times in a silly voice. Such as, "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!" or "Lizard! Lizard! Lizard! Curious as to what she would say, I asked her, "Ross, what sound does Daddy make?" She thought for a second then furled her brow, pointed her finger and shook it, and then said, "F%#$#@G H^@L~!!!!" Cina and I nearly choked, struggling not to laugh at her, as we don't want to encourage her use of those words. Her dad seemed so shocked when I told him the story. I don't think he should be...


Ross was playing around the living room yesterday and Hubs and I were watching The History Channel. I can't even remember what the subject was but something on the show we were watching sparked a serious discussion. When making a point, he had furled his brow and was talking a bit louder. Ross ran to me me, climbed up on my knee, and said, "You're sca-wing me Daddy!" Hubs said, "Aww, you're not scared of Daddy are you?!" Ross nodded. So he asked, "Is Mama scary?" Ross shook her head, "No, Mama's not sca-wy. Mama's just cwazy!" Needless to say, Hubs got a real hoot out of that one!


Tallen gave me a good scare this morning! I was snoozing on the sofa, around 2:30 A.M., when I was jarred awake by the distinct sound, that every parent knows, of someone vomiting, somewhere in the house. Only this was very loud and right at my ear. I opened my eyes to see Tallen hovering above me. My immediate thought was, "Oh God! He's about to puke on me!" Boy, that made me move! I rolled off that sofa and was standing in a split second. "Tallen! Are you throwing up?!" He giggled, "No Mama. Calm Down! I was just burping! Can I have some chocolate milk?" Still trying to get my wits about me, I said, "Tallen! Don't you ever, EVER, burp in my ear again!" Now, hours later, I can see it in a much funnier light.


  1. Just when I thought that I couldn't laugh anymore I read the next part. I would have felt the same way about the burping. Funny when I'm awake!
    Thanks for helping me and caring so much! I mean that.

  2. LOL!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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