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Help Going Shoeless

I can't be completely certain, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if I want to push my in-laws and acquaintances of Hub's from just not caring for me much to downright hating me, the final straw would be to make my home a shoeless one. As there wouldn't be any love lost, that alone is a pretty good incentive. However, my true reason is this... When you live in the forest, as well as on a farm, all sorts of stuff gets carried in on the bottoms of folk's shoes.

That bites because, though I love my Dyson, I don't want to use it forty eleven times a day. I also have beige carpet and it shows every speck of dirt. That ain't so tragic as this is a home after all and folks live here and it shows! The worst are the kitchen and bathroom floors that need to be mopped almost daily or they look awful. Truly though, my main concern is Ross. She refuses to wear shoes most of the time and so her little bare feet pick up all that stuff. Plus the fact is that she is closer to the floor than any of the rest of us and also has her little hands all over it all the time. And it seems that very few people understand the concept of wiping their feet these days. I guess they think I put that rug out there to keep the porch warm. The absolute worst are the men with boots that have old mud dried in the bottoms. Makes me want to scream!

So my "big plan" is to use a super-sturdy old coffee table that I have and fashion a nice cushion for it from an old foam filled baby bed mattress. I will sit this out on the landing at the kitchen entrance. I will provide a nice shelf where folks can place their shoes. I might even provide some slippers. My big dilemma is how to go about telling folks that they need to take off their shoes before coming in. Do I post a sign out there or what?

I can pretty much scare all the folks that live here into complying LOL and my friends and family wouldn't mind as they probably have the same issue at their homes. I really want to do this in a nice way. Not that I would even care that Hub's friends and family would add one more thing to their, " Your Old Lady is such a B*tch Because... lists. But I do feel bad for Hub's sometimes, as he just doesn't seem to realize that he cohorts with A-holes and would be real happy if some of them didn't hate me.

Do any of you have a shoeless home and if so, how do you go about getting folks to comply?


  1. Well, my hubs and children know to take their shoes off when they come inside, but as far as company goes, I don't enforce it. I think that people get uncomfortable when they have to take their shoes off in other people's homes...I don't know why, because I was taught to take my shoes off when I go into someone's home, but not everyone was taught this! :)

  2. we do go shoeless, when we moved in the carpet was WHITE, it was crazy. Every house I go to has a no shoe policy. I think a good clue is to leave shoes setting by the front door.
    thanks for commenting on my post on twittermoms. I would love your dishsoap recipe. we made it and our using and it works great but i would like something with suds. i love our laundry soap and dishwasher and hand soap. i can not wait to look through your blog

  3. We went shoeless recently after other attempts to keep fro, having to clean our floors daily failed (we tried porch warmers too). When we greet guests at the door shoeless and they see our shoes neatly lined up to the side they generally get the hint.
    Came by from SITS!


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