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Saturday Soup

This isn't a new MeMe. I just needed to title this post something that betells the fact that it was one post about a zillion random things and I wasn't in the mood to use the word "randomness". LOL

This past week can only be described as chaotic. Nothing went smoothly. I vowed to get my life so organized and put a stop to this chaos. But even the act of trying to get things in order and on a schedule creates it's own stress to add to the mix. I have been awake all night, with a million things going through my mind. Now, I am going to do my best to recall everything I wanted to share about this week.

First of all, it rained for most of the week. I don't mind the rain so much as I can find plenty to keep the kids and myself busy inside the house. However, when it rains, Hubs doesn't go out. No hunting. No farting around the farm, just wasting time. He is here and he is in the way. LOL So rather than having to explain every single thing that I was doing, I just decided to put stuff on hold, even blogging for the most part.
I received an award from another lovely blogger this past week and still have not got it posted. But I really was tickled with it and plan to get it posted this weekend.Also, I have the cutest purse mirror ever! Sent to me from a blogger in Scotland. I actually received this several weeks ago and planned to share a pick but it vanished. The offending teenager has now returned it and I will share a pic with y'all soon. It is just precious.
Now, I'll start with the bad stuff first... Sonya Ann deleted her blog. Though that should have any effect on my blog, it did give me a small heart attack when I discovered she had vanished. I was so relieved when I heard from her and learned that it was an accident and that she had not intended to vanish. Hugs to Sonya Ann!
On Monday, I heard from my friend of ten years, that her grandson had been abused by his mother's boyfriend and had to go to the hospital. I was beside myself as I had a very bad feeling about her daughter moving her two children in with a man that she only knew for a month. Apparently, her five year old son wasn't going to bed fast enough and this mealy mouthed bastard punched him behind the ear, knocking the little guy out cold. The man was arrested and then the mother learned that he had previous convictions and was even on probation for a similar crime. This was his third strike and I think he is looking at 25 years. Thank God. I have shed many tears for that little boy and also counted blessings that he wasn't injured worse or killed and that his six month old sister wasn't hurt. The mother is not pregnant with the baby of this child abuser. Somebody needs to shake some sense into her.

The little boy just was coming around and starting to thrive again, after his mother left her abusive husband. The boy was really delayed due to the trauma of all the fighting all the time. He did so well after moving to be near his grandmother, my friend. Now all that is down the tubes, I am sure. Anyway, I am in NC and they live in CA, so it broke my heart that I couldn't really do anything to help.

My friend is in her late 50's and is a Legal Assistant. She fell ill last year and wound up losing her job and her home. She and her husband are living with her dad and sister. Just last week, her husband and then her sister got laid off from their jobs. Then the thing happened with the grandson. Yesterday evening, I got a call from my friend's husband, telling me that she is in the hospital. It seems that she had been doing without her heart and breathing meds, due to lack of funds, and she nearly died. I just feel so bad for them all. I mean, the kids need her to be their rock right now, since they can't count on their own mother, and now she has hit rock bottom and can be of no help to those babies. So, I have been thinking every minute about what I can do and how to go about it. So far, I haven't come up with any great ideas. I know those babies just barely have what they need and that Christmas morning, there will be nothing under the tree.

Also, night before last, Tallen had his worst night terror ever. This one lasted like 45 minutes. He started by screaming about an hour after he'd fallen asleep. Whenever one of us tried to go in and comfort him, he would scream, "Get away from me!" His eyes were wide open and almost bloodshot looking. He was looking at us but pretty much right through us. He tried to knock his TV off the desk. Then he started jumping up and down on the bed. All the while screaming things we couldn't make out. Knowing that he was actually asleep and most likely couldn't even see his real environment, I was afraid that he would injure himself, so I decided to just lie him on his back across the bed and lay on top of him. When I did this, I was glad that I had because I could feel his heart like it was about to run out of his chest.

I kept my voice in a soothing tone and kept telling him he was fine and just relax. You would not believe the strength it took just to hold him down. He said to me, " You are a monster! I'm going to bite off your nose!" Then he snapped his teeth toward my face! Next, he said, "When I sing my ABC's, this will all be over." He sang the ABC's, ending with, " Now I sung my ABC's. Won't you please get off of me!" Finally he said, " I am feeling much better now." But really, he was still asleep. He walked to the bathroom and used it and then calmly returned to his bed for the night. He woke the next day, sweet as could be and did not recall the night before. I injured my back during this ordeal. I think he slammed it with his knee at some point.

I dozed off while reading a hardback book, earlier this week. At some point during the night, Ross woke up and found the book next to me and hit me in the face with it! The corner of it got me right in the lip. I have no idea if she really meant to hit me or if maybe she just dropped the book as she was picking it up to examine. At any rate, my lip and chin and still very tender to the touch.
My suede yarn arrived and I am thrilled with the way it feels. When my oldest two kids were small, I created a crochet slipper pattern that can easily be adjusted for any size foot, without doing a lot of math. I am so eager to get all of us a pair made up and then maybe a few pairs to sell on Etsy. I also want to give away a pair on this blog, making them to the size preference of the winner. These slippers are super comfy when made from run of the mill yarn. I know that they will feel like walking on marshmallows using this suede yarn. So far though, I have just been able to stare at all that yummy yarn and drool as I have not had the time to use it. I know Tallen wants something made from it. I keep catching him with his hand inside the shipping box, feeling that yarn. He is very sensitive to the texture of things. Maybe I can find the time to crochet him a small afghan.

Also, I now have oogads of seeds. I mean OOGADS of seeds. Hubs agreed to let me turn the side porch outside our bedroom, into a mini greenhouse. That should make for loads of interesting pictures. LOL
Next, my soaping supplies have also arrived. Well most of them. I bought soap base and some books. I already have a few molds that I have collected over the last few years in preparation of someday getting to make soap. My friend Gini, who is a soap Diva, surprised me with several bottles of scents and another mold. I also received two books about soaping this week. Now all I need is some colorant and a little time and I can commence to making soap.

With great shame, I purchased a small bottle of Tide the other day. I can't recall the last time I purchased detergent from the store. I got so tied up with so many things that I just did not have time to make a batch. I plan to do that today.


Plus, I just remembered that I am to bake a cake for a baby shower tonight. My sister is to buy the supplies and I am going to bake it. I haven't heard from her in a few days, so I have no idea if this is still the plan or not.


Just as a funny side note... I have been meaning to tell y'all that, whenever my husband sees a popular man of color on TV, he thinks the man is Denzel Washington. I can not even count the times that he has made this mistake...

Him: "Well, there's Denzel Washington!"

Me: " No Honey, that is Wesley Snipes."

Him: " Are you sure?"

"Me: "YES!"

Him: "Bring up Denzel's picture on Google. I'm sure that is him!"

Me: "Honey, please just take my word for it. Making me do the Google thing for the zillionth time just makes you look like a bigger ass."

Him: " Fine then..."


Him: "Hey! There's Denzel Washington again!" (clicking pause on the remote)

Me: " Good Lord, Honey! That is Lionel FREAKING Richie! If he looks like Denzel, you look like Brad Pitt! Please make an appointment with the eye doctor!"

And on and on and on...

This is really a chronic condition. It's a classic example of what can happen when a man who rarely watched movies, music videos, or the nightly news, tries to sound like he is "in the know". I dread having to break the news to him that Denzel Washington is not our current President...


  1. Wow - what a week! I hope the yarn, seeds and soapy stuff make you happy and that good things start to happen for your friend and her family.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  2. I am so glad you had SOME good things happen this week! That yarn sounds yummy! Yeah for making soap. I used to do that and haven't in a while. Maybe I will again in the future.

    At least your hubby is good for a laugh. LOL!

  3. Thanks, The Only Girl! I really appreciate that and your taking the time to stop by and comment.: )

  4. I can't wait to try the soap making, Frances. I am skeered and excited at the same time LOL Hubs is good for a laugh most days, even though he doesn't intend to be. He is horrible with names! One day he was telling me about a song he had heard in the truck. I asked if he knew who sang it and he told me "Charlie Chestnut". I don't listen to much Country music but knew right away that he actually meant Kenny Chesney. I peed laughing! To this day, I refer to Kenny as Charlie Chestnut. LOL


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