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Sunday Sampler

A little bit of this, that, and the other...

Country Roads
  I am always telling y'all how long my driveway is. So, when Selly and I drove down to get the mail on Friday and took the camera, in case we spotted a deer, I decided to stop on our way back in and take a couple of pictures.

We were already 1/4 mile down the drive, when I stopped at the tractor shed and took this shot.
Even after it vanishes in this pic, there is still more driveway, before reaching my house.
Then, it passes the circle drive at my house, goes down to the pastures,
 or forks and loops back to the tenant house. Like I said, it is long!

Since I was already there, I pivoted to the right and got a shot of the view of the mountains.

¿Habla Español?

  There was much Drama this morning when Cina wanted to check her Facebook account. It seems that Tallen, before leaving the computer last night, thought it would be funny to change the browser language to Spanish. She's still working on changing it back to English.


  On Friday afternoon, I was printing out several pages of driving directions for Hubs. Ross waited eagerly for each page to finish printing and then she would take it to her daddy, who was in the living room. She was so proud to be helping! Cina, sensing that we should praise her for being such a wonderful helper, said, "Great job Ross! Are you helping take the pages to you daddy?!"  Ross replied, "No. I am taking them to GwandPa. He is GwandPa wight now.". Cina, looking very confused, asked her, "GrandPa? He's not your GrandPa, he's your daddy.". Just then, I dawned on me what might be happening, so I asked her, "Ross, is Daddy wearing his reading glasses?" She nodded, "Yes. Wight now he is a GwandPa.".


  1. Hi Dawna, thanks for the Lemonade award! Sorry I've not been around lately - just coming out of frugal shock over my car needing a new transmission.

  2. Wow - I love the pictures! What a beautiful place to live! Gwandpa - too cute :-)


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