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Top Ten Thursday ~ Top Ten Tips And Tricks For Getting Kids To Go To Bed And Stay There!

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Thanks to TwitterMoms and www.DramaU.net for inspiring today's Top Ten list!

1. With all of my kids, a nice warm bath has always triggered them to become drowsy. I make a point to let them play a bit, in order to wind down.
2. Snuggling up and reading a nice story, that isn't too exciting, is another way I lull them to sleep.
3. Baby First TV! Their night time line up is the bomb! No talking or commercials, just pictures, animals, sand painting, and music. Sometimes, I even use that channel to knock out Hubs! lol
4. When Ross is super-energetic and just won't wind down. I ask her to lie down next to me, so we can talk about "flying". She closes her eyes and we pretend to fly through the clouds. I talk softly about all the things we are "seeing". Bird's, rainbows, butterflies, sometimes even monkeys! LOL She is usually out within 5 minutes.
5. When all else fails, a song is in order. Children really don't care if you can carry a tune. The voice of their parent is always beautiful and comforting to them. Sometimes, I switch it up and have them sing to me instead.
6. I have both Ross and Tallen go potty before bed. Nothing puts them in a more vile mood than to be sleeping soundly and then getting awakened by a full bladder.
7. Keeping their rooms at a comfortable temperature is important. I try to remember that those pajamas and blankets hold in a lot of heat. So, I keep the room a bit cool.
8. A small snack also helps to slow them down. No matter what time dinner was, they usually still get a bit hungry later.
9.After dark one evening, visit your child's room, shut off the lights and turn on whatever nightlight or lamp that they may sleep with. Look around the room, imagine you are their age, see if you notice things that might cast creepy shadows or look scary, remove or move the items to a new location if possible.
10. Please remember that most sleepwear for children is required to be flame retardant. Check the labels to be sure. I mention this because it is easy to forget this and let them doze off in a T-shirt or sweats. But, for their safety, it's best to purchase some very comfortable pajamas. Also, start when they are very small and get them used to sleeping with their doors closed. This can keep them out of harms way longer, if there is a fire, giving rescuers more time to locate them and take them to safety.

Bonus: A simple fan (one that is approved for use around little fingers!) or a white noise machine works wonders!


  1. I loved the humor in the list and OMG, we had a lot in common..LOL^^


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