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Sunday Sampler

A little bit of this, that, and the other...

Birthday Dinner

I cooked dinner for my sister's birthday, last Tuesday. I made homemade Enchiladas. Every single bit from scratch, per usual. My tortillas came out perfect. Though Hubs could not resist the urge, on his way out the door to go hunting, to stop and question why I wasn't using the tortilla press. I told him because I hate that thing. Then he said I had my pan too hot. I politely opened the kitchen door and reminded him that he had somewhere to be. LOL

A few things went wrong. I usually add green pepper to cook with the burger that I use in the Enchilada filling. But when I took my pepper from the fridge, washed it, and cut it open, I found a huge caterpillar inside! I'm sure he didn't eat much, but I just couldn't stomach the thought of using that pepper and it was too late to buy another. So I just made do without it. The avocados for the guacamole were not ripe enough, so Fiance ran out for some more. One of those wound up being ripe, so we did not have a lot of guacamole. On the bright side, my homemade Enchilada sauce turned out great. As a whole, dinner was wonderful and the leftovers were great the next day.

Being Cocky Just Doesn't Pay

My last remaining rooster had gotten to the point that he would attack anyone or anything that came near their pen. Well, he went over the fence and jumped the dogs and met his demise...

Now, I have two hens left. Twice, one of them has laid a double yolk egg. I am posting pictures so you can see the size difference.

Here is the big egg...

And here are it's contents...

I used them last night, when I made these yummy cinnamon rolls. Can you tell I made extra icing? : )

New Pets!

My daughter's boss was needing a home for two parakeets. Guess who said she's take them? LOL

In Other News...

Tallen is still refusing to be six. Also, his laugh has changed a bit. He has added this ear priercing, shrill, almost girl like, screech to his laugh. It almost sounds like a high pitched whistle. Let me tell you, when you are in a sound sleep, and he has awoke in the middle of the night and is watching TV in his room and something amuses him, that laugh will stop your heart. It doesn't sound happy. It sounds like an elephant being murdered! I hope he loses that one real soon.

Ross has been sick with a fever and sore throat. Scared me senseless at first. But I feel better now as it is turning out to be nothing worse. She is eating and drinking fine and still bouncing off the walls for the most part. She is insisting that she be in my lap almost constantly. Hence, my near vanishing act from my blogs. If I want to write about the "show", I have to tend to the "performers". LOL

Selly overheard me talking to Cina the other day, as I was telling her about this very, very, poor family that lived near me when I was a child. They were even poorer than we were! And plus the father was a drunk and a gambler. I told Cina that once, he had lost his oldest daughter in a Poker game. Selly responded, "Oh No! Did he find her?" We rolled laughing!

Hubs was thrilled to discover that, with some nylon strap he was given and some other hardware, I was able to sew him up a dog lead that is just as good as the ones he has to pay quite a bit for. He still has plenty of the strap and hardware, so I know what I'll be busy doing this week...

I am hoping this week we'll get back to a more even kilter. I NEED my daily blog therapy...



  1. Those cinnamon roles look yummalicious!!

  2. Yes, I agree the rolls look great!

    Are you going to give him an invoice for the work to make these leashes?

  3. OH gosh....those rolls look yummy!

    I have no idea where SonyaAnn went...I am so bummed! I mean, what is bloggy land without her?

  4. I've emailed her. If I get no reply, I have her home addy and will snail mail her. I feel like a stalker LOL But really, it wouldn't be like her to up and vanish and say nothing beforehand. I'll let y'all know as soon as I know anything.

  5. She's Alive! Accidentally deleted her blog and has been trying to get a response from someone at blogger as to get some help and keep her old blog addy etc...

  6. Sonya,
    If you read this and haven't gotten my last email. Just log into Blogger account, go to Dashboard, click Show All, and then click UnDelete.

  7. Can you mail me a cinammon roll? pretty please?


    I'm guessing I didn't guess your sister's age correctly :)

  8. Can you mail me a cinammon roll? pretty please?


    I'm guessing I didn't guess your sister's age correctly :)

  9. I feel so loved!!!!! And it sounds like your life is as nutty as mine. We might be related.
    I tried the undelete and it wont let me log in. Everything is automated so it is making it worse! But I have you all so I'm better about it.

  10. Hey there! I just came over her to tell you that Sonya Ann is ALIVE, but she beat me to your blog.

    I was sad to here about her blog being deleted, but I am so relieved to hear that nothing was wrong with her. She gave us quite a scare...doesn't she know how much she is LOVED! Geesh! :)


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