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Down and Out With a Cold...

Actually, I wasn't the sick one. Ross has suffered a runny nose and severe grouchiness for the last three days. Of course, when she is sick, all she wants is me. Honestly, when she is whining and pulling at me pant leg and I ask, "Please, Ross. just tell me what you want.", she replies, "Youuuuu! I want youuuuu!". It is pretty much impossible to type with her on my lap, as she likes to "help" too much. Tallen woke up with sneezing fits this morning, so I'm assuming that `he is coming with the same thing. I believe they must have picked it up when they went in for their H1N1 shots, as nobody else here has been sick.

In other news...

Selly's winter themed school photos came back yesterday. Against out better judgment and the pleading of "fashionista" Cina, she showed up for that pic wearing a white, short sleeved, t-shirt, that was covered in multicolored polka dots. so there she is, smiling from ear to ear, wearing what looks like beach attire, against a back drop of snow covered pines and cardinals, leaning on a fence rail that has fake snow on it and a big Christmas ribbon. Needless to say, it just doesn't mesh. I guess we'll buy them, as her hair looks nice and she is pretty in them. Besides, if we don't buy them and wait till the next batch, we run the risk of her showing up for Spring pics wearing a ski parka.

Hubs was feeding up the other night and broke the steering column on the tractor. It's going to cost out the wazoo to replace. I had to bite my tongue the other day, as I listened to him call place after place, asking if they had "stirring" columns in stock for his tractor. That's right up there with "chimley" on my word per peeve list. LOL

Tallen announced yesterday that he wants a Fat Head for his wall, as his room is "boring and ugly". I'll take that as a hint that he has outgrown the Blue's Clues stuff that I painted on his walls. I hate to get rid of all that hard work. Maybe I'll move him to a different room and move Ross in there. She's always coveted that Blue's Clues theme anyway.

Cina has a big Christmas performance with the school chorus tomorrow night. I wanted to go so badly. However, her dad found out about it and so now he is planning on showing up, which puts me out of the event for a few reasons...

First of all, for some reason that I cannot even fathom, this man decided to boycott wearing deodorant or brushing his teeth, a few years ago, and I cannot bear to sit near him or speak to him face to face. Secondly, I feel so sorry for his current wife, who is very appearance conscious and takes great care of herself. She is a teacher and must be so humiliated when he attends events with her. I worry I might hug her and start crying uncontrollably out of sympathy for her and run my mascara. Lastly, Cina has just never gotten around to telling her dad about Ross being born. Not that it was ever any of his business. Since I would need to take Ross and Tallen with me, she would have to explain to him why he didn't know about that adorable 2,5 year old that is with her mom. So, I'm thinking I'll be sending Renni with the video camera. LOL

Tallen took it upon himself to look up the song "I Will Always Love You" as sung by Whitney Houston, on YouTube, and learn to sing it word for word. It is precious. He also learned, White and Nerdy, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, We will Rock You, and Kung fu Fighting. Hey, at least he has varied taste in music. He loves to call his aunt and serenade her over the phone. LOL

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear your family has been sick. It always seems that kids pick up the germs in the one place they're supposed to go to get healthy-- the doctor's office!

    I LOVE fatheads! I wanted to get one for our house a few years ago, but seeing as we don't have a bonus room or a basement, it just didn't seem appropriate to hang a lifesize picture of Peyton Manning on the dining room wall...



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