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Sunday Night Randomness

Well it was cold and rainy here all day. My shins felt as though they were being smacked with a hammer. The computer room was so cold and, not wanting to play 20 questions with Hubs about the Net Book, I just chose to stay offline. Besides, my leg pain left me in no mood to type. I am feeling some better now. However, spending the day with Hubs has taken it's toll.

He was in pain as well. The difference between the two of us is that I don't take it out on everyone and he does. I did have a good laugh though, when the phone rang and a man asked to speak to Hubs. I took the phone to where he was laying on the couch and said sweetly, "Honey, It's for you." I held the phone out to him. He barked, "Who is it?!" I said that I didn't know and smiled. Yes, I was being overly, syrupy, sweet. He slapped the phone from my hand and it hit the floor. I yelled,"What did you do that for?! He growled,"How dare you come stick that damned phone in my face, while I'm sleeping! Acting like a smart ass!" The phone was on the floor by the couch, still on. He picked it up and turned it off. It immediately rang again. Hubs answered in a tone that said sugar wouldn't melt in his mouth, he's so sweet. When I heard him speak the guy's name, I had the last laugh. It was the president of the hunting association that he chairs on. He asked him what all the commotion was before and Hubs told him it was the kids cutting up. I am so sure he believed that. It's great when other folks get to witness him acting like an ass.

Later, his daughter called. The one that makes fun of Tallen. How she dials a phone with that cloven hoof of her's, I'll never know. She was letting him know that she'll be in town for Christmas. He told her to have a safe trip. I crooked my fingers and made hexing motions at the phone. A call came in on the other line during the call, when I checked the messages later, it was from his sister, reminding us about Christmas dinner at his mother's house this year. I'm sure he will be there with bells on. As for me and mine, we will stay home that day. It's our Christmas too and we deserve to enjoy it as much as anyone. The only way I enjoy my holiday, any of them, is to completely ignore his massive arse kissing campaign. This bitterness I have has plenty of good reasons behind it. I'm glad I own a dog. At least he exhibits some loyalty to me and the children.


  1. ah..my mom would agree to that...she also thinks that her dog is more loyal to her than her husband (i.e. my father)...i guess all women would agree to that..

  2. UGH! I swear my hubs has a multiple personality disorder. Why can he only be nice in front of others? I think the holidays bring out the worst in people.


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