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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made me Go "Hmm..." This Week - Insomnia, Santa, and Pathetic Ex-Wife. Oh My!

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Hubs Can't Sleep...

Hubs hasn't been sleeping well this week. I never noticed that he really slept "well" before, but he says that he hasn't slept good all week. I know that he was awake at 1:30 this morning, when I was startled awake by some Western crap he had on TV.
A hunting buddy of Hub's walked in and found his grandfather passed away on the sofa, Monday evening. Hubs had also been friends with him. He says that it has totally stressed him out because it has reminded him of the time, a few years ago, when he went to check on a friend that hadn't been seen in a few days, and found him dead. Plus, I am sure he is very saddened by the loss of a friend. He is attending the funeral this afternoon. I am hoping that the whole process of saying Goodbye, will ease his mind a bit and let him get some rest. Ironically, he just phoned, asking me to Google directions to the church.

Hope Santa Has A Key...

Poor Ross missed her nap yesterday and was very touchy and crying over absolutely everything. Someone mentioned Christmas and she immediately burst into tears. "I want it to be Christmas now!", she sobbed. Trying to comfort her, I started telling her how Santa just couldn't manage to come right now, as he has so much work to do. A smile made it's way across her little, tear streaked, face, as I told how Santa would arrive on Christmas Eve, after she has fallen asleep. Tallen, who was sitting at the computer in the kitchen and overheard, had began interrupting my story near the end of it, whispering, "Mom! But, Mom! It's not happening! No Christmas! No presents! No Santa!". Thankful that Ross hadn't heard him and assuming it was just some more of his anti-anything involving a celebration campaign, I hurried over to him, hoping to make him shush his mouth. I whispered,"Tallen! Just because you don't want to celebrate Christmas, that doesn't mean that the rest of us can't. Please hush, before you make Ross start crying again!" He looked at me like I was a big dummy and after hearing what he had to say, I sure felt like one! He leaned closer to me, cupped his little hand to his mouth, and whispered, "Mom, I do want to celebrate Christmas! But, we don't have a chimney for Santa to come down. So, there won't be any Christmas." Bless his heart! He just didn't want me making promises to Ross, that couldn't come true. He was trying to save me from myself. It was just precious how serious he looked, as he informed me of this problem. I assured him that we will leave a window unlocked for Santa.

Just When I Thought My Life Couldn't Get Any More Like A Cheesy Lifetime Movie...

I have mentioned before that, when Selly was just a little thing, Hubs divorced her mother. I have also mentioned that, soon after that divorce, Selly's mother moved into a huge, way to expensive for her income, house. No one could figure how she paid for such a nice place. That question was answered a short time later, when she was arrested for drug trafficking and sent to Federal Prison for 9 years. I am also fairly sure that I have mentioned that, even though she was in this country legally, she had never became a true citizen and the judge recommended that, upon her release, she be deported back to Mexico.

Anywho, when I came along, this woman was calling collect umpteen times a week. She would talk to Selly for a minute or so, ask for Hubs to get on the phone, then spend 30 to 45 minutes chatting to him about her older kids, what was going on in Hub's life, and cussing him for dating me. Calling back when the call was ended for reaching the 15 minute limit. Eventually, she made the foul mistake of asking for me to get on the phone and calling me the "B" word. Well, at that time, I had said nothing out of the way to her up to that point. Of course, that changed on that day. I gave her what for and the next time she called collect, I chose the option to block collect calls from the facility. I knew her oldest daughter sent her calling cards and figured she could use some of those minutes to call Selly. I mean, it's one thing to cuss me out, but I'm not going to pay for the call while you do it!

Well, she continued to call, using her calling cards, but still wasn't really talking to Selly. Finally, I snapped. I took the phone from Hubs one day, when he was about 10 minutes into one of her drilling sessions and I said, "Look, you are welcome to call and talk to Selly anytime. You are welcome to call and talk to Hubs about Selly, anytime. However, you are no longer going to be calling here, barely talking to Selly, and chatting up my husband about people that we don't even see and asking questions about us. Our marriage is none of your concern." After that, she didn't call quite so much. But, when she did call, she was ranting and raving to Selly about how she was her mother, not me. BlahBlahBlah! I really didn't care as I wasn't trying to take her place in Selly's life. Over the years, her calls got crazier, always telling Selly she would be home to see her in a few days. Constantly lying to her. A couple of years ago, the calls stopped and Selly didn't hear from her for months. She finally got one short call and then nothing else again. Then, On Selly's birthay this year in May, which is also the day her mother was released, she received a card from her mom. It was just signed. No letter, no message. We though that was extremely odd.

It was only natural to assume that she would want to see Selly ASAP. I know if I hadn't seen my child for 9 years, I wouldn't be able to get to her fast enough. Selly was on pins and needles. She wanted to see her mother but was also nervous, as she barely knows her, except for through calls and an occasional letter. Well, a call never came. One month passed, then two, then three, and finally, after four months, we heard through the grapevine that she had indeed been deported. But, as it is certain that there are phones in Mexico and places where one can mail a letter, we were still bumfuzzled as to why she had not contacted Selly. We got the answer a couple of weeks ago...

Selly's oldest brother called Hubs, gave him the address for his father, and asked Hubs to please send this man a copy of the marriage and divorce decrees for him and his ex. Also, if possible, to send a copy of Selly's birth certificate. It seems that when Selly's mother was released from prison and was deported to Mexico, she started scheming down there. Her ex-husband owns a few rental houses in Mexico. Well, she just made her way to one of those houses and moved in lock, stock, and barrel. When her ex found her living there, he immediately called the police and asked them to remove her from the premises. When they arrived to do this, she announced that she wasn't going anywhere, as she is this man's wife and has as much right to the property as he does. It seems that even though they were divorced her in America, they never got divorced in Mexico, the place where they were married. So, the only thing on record there is their marriage. He was furious and told the police that not only are they divorced but that she remarried and had a child. She told the police that she had once lived with a man in America, but they were never married and she certainly never had a child with him. She completely denied Selly!

   I find this so pathetic, as she even went so far as to have her tubal reversed, long enough to get pregnant by Hubs. But, this explains why she cut off all contact with Selly. She wanted no record of her contacting a child in America. Especially not from Mexico. I told Hubs that I am not comfortable with sending birth info and such for Selly, into Mexico. But I think Hubs is sending some divorce papers, which mention Selly, and some other proof of their marriage. I just find it so surreal how this woman could go to such lengths to cover up her lies and also, I find it so sad that she would deny that Selly even exists. But, at the same time, if this woman is as crazy as she seems to be, it might be best that Selly has no contact with her.


  1. Lifetime movie is right. Good luck and I hope Selly survives the crazy mother...

  2. Wow, you ought to write to Lifetime - that's a hell of a lot more compelling than what they usually come up with. Poor Selly - does she know about all this nonsense that's been going on? Yikes. That's definitely a headscratcher. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  3. WOW.

    I can't even imagine. I hope Selly is completely oblivious of all this drama!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


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