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Learning Link Brain Training System Review and Giveaway

When I was contacted by Learning Link Technologies, about trying their program, sharing my review, and hosting a giveaway for my readers, I was thrilled. While I was unfamiliar with their program, upon visiting their site and watching the video and then later going over the resources offered there, I have high hopes that this program could be of great benefit to Tallen.

This review will be a bit different, as I plan to host the giveaway starting today, but I prefer to post my review in future posts, one every couple of weeks, so everyone can get a better idea of how well Tallen is helped as we proceed with the program.

First, I would like for any of my readers, who have children with learning disabilities or weaknesses, to take a few moments and watch this very insightful and informative video. You will also find an offer to view their free video series.

Here is some information directly from the site:

There are Millions of Students Suffering from Learning Disabilities!

Is your child one of them?
Have you desperately searched for help, only to be met with one dead end after another?
Have you exhausted all resources available, only to find that nothing works?
It’s No Wonder!
There is very little help available. And trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t usually leaves you standing alone in the rain!
Yet, We are Experiencing an Epidemic in Our Country!

* 1 in 5 has dyslexia
* 1 in 150 has autism
* There are over 1 million diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
* There are over 2.9 million students in Special Education

And the sad truth is that the school system is just not equipped to deal with these daunting numbers.
You Can’t Fix Poor Academics with More Academics!
The reason that schools aren’t able to help the struggling learner is because they are only equipped to deal with academics. Unfortunately, this does very little to help the learner who is already failing academically.

Think about it. If you were performing a sport, say gymnastics, incorrectly all day long, would holding you after class and allowing you to continue with the same set of instructions and the same activities fix the problem? Certainly not.
Yet that is how the school system is handling learning issues. Students are given modifications and accommodations, but overall are still given the same academics in the same manner that didn’t work all day long.

This is like flushing more water into an already leaking pipe!
The only way to fix the problem is to go to the root of the problem.

There’s More than One Way to Learn!
Students who are falling behind in school don’t learn with traditional methods. If they did, then they would be succeeding in school.

It’s possible to strengthen what is weak in the learning systems of students. It’s easy to do and students enjoy having activities that don’t involve another workbook or worksheet.

In essence, students can learn to learn!

If a student isn’t learning easily and is failing school, then something needs to be done. There is a glitch in the student’s learning system and if something isn’t done, then nothing is changed.
The student needs a new toolbox, to be given a new set of tools for academic success.

Did you know that the brain can be rewired for learning? Which in turn leads to academic success. And this is all done through simple, repetitive exercises that build new neural pathways in the brain.
The brain is not hard wired for all activities at birth. If a stage is interrupted along the way, then a glitch in the wiring can take place. This in turn affects learning and academic success. It’s possible to go back and rewire the brain correctly through simple exercises. Usually a student shows academic growth within six to eight weeks of brain retraining.

And did you know that a student’s memory can be strengthened through activities that slowly become more difficult. Memory “muscle” is increased just like leg muscles are built up as a runner trains for a marathon. The result? Math facts can be memorized. Words are spelled correctly. Reading comprehension occurs naturally.

And it is now available to you in an easy video format.
Step 1: Sign up for the Brain Training System. You will receive a new video and activity packet each month for 13 months. For a limited time you will receive the first month for FREE!
Step 2: Download the video and activity packet on your computer
Step 3: Watch the video with your child and simply have him/her perform the simple activities. This usually takes about an hour once a week.
Step 4: Three to five times a week have your child perform designated activities in the video. This usually takes about 15 minutes.
Step 5: Continue with this set of activities until your new video and activity packet arrives the following month.

  Plus,  Learning Link Technologies has been kind enough to allow one of my lucky readers the chance to win 3 full months of the program, at no cost. This is a $240 value!

  Here's how to enter: Just leave a comment below. It's that simple. You may also earn extra entries by becoming a registered user at Learning-Aids.com ,Joining the Brain Training Facebook Group, or following Learning Link on Twitter. Be sure sure to leave another comment for each extra entry requirement that you complete, so I can keep track of them. A winner will be chosen, via random drawing, on December 31st, 2009. I will post the winner info here and also email the winner.

  Disclosure: Other than free use of the program, for the purpose of trying the product to gather information to make an informed review, and the gift of three free months of program access to one reader of my blog, to be chosen in a random drawing, I have been given no other payment, monetary or otherwise,  in exchange for this or any upcoming related content review(s). My review does and will consist solely of my own personal experience with and my own opinion of, the product. I strongly reccomend that you do your own research, before purchasing this, or any other product.

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