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A Fly On The Wall Wednesday

Here are a few things you might have heard this week, had you been buzzing about The Castle of Chaos...

Ross~ While playing with a time teaching tool that I have for Tallen, she flipped a few of the numbers onto the board facing her and said, "Five Firty Five.". Hearing this, is said, I'm so proud of you Ross!. You are so smart to try and tell time!" She replied, "Fanks, MomMom!. I'm pwoud of you too!".

Hubs fell and hurt his back while out hunting last night. It seems he slipped and fell down a small embankment. He came home and landed on the couch...
"My back is killing me! You have to do something for it!"
Figuring that none of my feminine product remedies would work this time, I started offering to do different things to help...
"Want me to rub your back? Get a heating pad? Throw your blanket in the dryer?"
To each of these, he said, "No..."
"Well", I said, "I don't know how to help you then."
He replied, "You could get on the couch with me and snuggle to my back to keep it warm."
After the way he has been treating me lately, I'd rather eat my own brain with a spork!
"The kids are awake and besides, laying on the couch throws out my hip."
He sighed, "Well, at least turn the TV off that show."
I replied, "Nope. I was watching Ghost Lab when you got in and since you aren't the ruler of all things broadcast, I think I'll finish my show."
I gave him some pain meds and he went to sleep. Mind you, he awoke every 20-30 minutes, groaning about his back, asking for sodo, asking for his box of chocolate covered cherries, asking for a bowl of Cheerios, asking if I had turned down the heat to freeze him out (I hadn't touched it), demanding that I change the channel to a western or hunting and fishing shows, and on and on and on. Finally, I said heck with it , turned  the TV to a Western, and went into my she-cave to read emails and blog. Just as I was getting settled into my chair, I heard him start talking again.

"Oh No!" I whispered to myself as I was getting up to go to him. Ross, who has been awake ever since his whining woke her, finished my sentence, with her hands on her hips, "Dere him goes again!"

Everyone~ In light of the happenings of late, I decided to search Selly's book bag, while she was off to the store with her dad this evening. (His idea of teaching her a lesson is to let her ride to the store with him and be treated to a drink and candy, while the other kids get none.) In her pencil case, I found a tiny slip of paper with 11 completed math problems. Trouble is, it wasn't her hand writing. Now, it doesn't take a detective to figure out that someone had written those problems and answers down, for her to copy during a math quiz. Does she ever stop?!
When they arrived home I whipped out the paper and showed it to Selly. She turned pale.
"Care to explain to me why you have answers to a math quiz, on a tiny slip of paper, in someone elses' hand writing?"
She looked around for her dad, who had already gone in the other room and was on the phone. HA!
"Did you use the answers on a test?"
"Not today..."
"Copying another person's work is cheating, Selly."
"I didn't copy it. She gave them to me to help me out."
"If you looked at that slip of paper, during a test, and then put those same answers on your paper, you copied someone else's work!"
She whipped around and headed to the living room, sitting herself on the love seat, in direct sight of Hubs. Then I saw it happen, lower lip out, eyes welling up, wanting her father to look to her and notice, then ask what was wrong. He was so busy blabbing on the phone to his friend that he didn't notice. Then she sighed really loud and coughed. Still no luck. LOL I'd seen enough. I marched into the living room and said, "Get yourself right up off that seat and get back in the kitchen. Sitting here with your fake "BooHoo" face on, hoping to get your dad to jump my ass, isn't happening today!" Defeated, she went back to the kitchen.
  Eventually, Hubs hung up the phone and asked me what was going on. I showed him the note I had found and told him what Selly had used it for.
I swear, he said, "Well, you just need to explain to her that it's not alright to do that."
Is this man for real?!
"Are you serious? Do you honestly think that she doesn't know that cheating on a test is wrong?!"
He shrugged. (Now you know where Selly gets it from, LOL!)
I turned to Selly, who, by this time, had turned on a water works show for her dad that Shamu would envy, "Selly, in what grade did a teacher first tell you that cheating and copying off other students papers wasn't accepted or tolerated? Kindergarten? First grade?""
She shrugged.
"Did you know you were cheating by using those answers?"
"Would your teacher be happy about the fact that you did this?"
"Thank You! Now,  Tallen, if something belongs to someone else and you say that it is yours, is that OK?"
"No, Mama, that is lying."
"That's right, Tallen. If something belongs to someone else and you take it without permission, is that OK?"
"No, Mama, that is stealing."
CASE FREAKING CLOSED! If our 6 year old son with Asperger's knows the difference between right and wrong, I think it is perfectly logical that our 12 year old, who has been in trouble for the same thing many times, should know the difference. Heck, Ross wasn't in the room, but I'll bet I could have asked her and gotten the correct answer....
Hubs had nothing else to say....

Had to pop back in and add this one...
Ross loves to  play dress up. Lately, she had started plundering through the drawers  of my great big, standing jewelry box. A few minutes ago, she discovered the bottom drawer, where I keep my hose and some underwear that won't fit in my dresser drawer. Soon, she toddled over to me, holding one of my bras.
"MomMom, I want to wear dis. Put it one me!"
"No Ross, put it back in the drawer."
"Why? I need to wear it!"
"Because, that it my bra." ( Admittedly , she probably hasn't seen me wear many of those around here, LOL)
"But", holding up her little hands and drawing in her shoulders, "What is it?"
"It it to cover MomMom's boobies. Put it back in my drawer."
"It can cubber my boobies?"
"No, Ross, it's too big for your boobies."
She walked part way across the room, turned her back and shouted, "Abra! Dabra!, as she threw her hands in to the air, from where they had been resting on her tiny chest.
"I made dem big! Can I wear it now?"
Where, at two years old, does this child come up with this stuff? LOL

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  1. Thats my house too.. hun you tell her whats wrong.. um have you lost your tongue?



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