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Saturday Ramblings

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Now, here are my ramblings...

Ross knows that I am snowed in with her and cannot escape. Thus, she was outdoing herself all evening...

She has been absolutely terrorizing Tallen. Demanding that he give her his juice, even though she had her own. Crying for absolutely every toy that she saw him with. Taking his fries, even though she had plenty on her plate. Then, her favorite torture technique, standing at the safety gate, that blocks her from entering his room, and chanting over and over, "I can't hear you!". Even at two years old, she is aware that this drives him bonkers, and think it is funny. Of course, she was put into timeout for most of this stuff, when she wouldn't stop, even after a warning. At which point, Tallen became infuriated insisting that she had done nothing to him and that we had to let her get up. Even when we saw her clunk him in the skull with a Mega-block, he claimed it never happened LOL. It is sweet how, even though she drives him crazy, he would still fight a bear for her.

Later, I dozed off in the recliner, while browsing some crochet patterns on my Netbook, leaving Hubs to watch Ross. I awoke an hour later to find that she had removed most of the keys from the keyboard of the Netbook. Most of those little suction cups cushion things were also missing. Hubs was snoring away, over on the sofa! Not wanting to disturb Hubs with the big lights, I crawled around the room, flicking his cigarette lighter over and over, burning my thumb in the process, until I found all the keys and cushions. Using the desktop keyboard as my guide, I got all the keys replaced, except for F11, which she had broken beyond repair. This took about an hour, all told. I then stepped into the kitchen for no even a minute, just to pour myself a much needed cups of coffee (mind you,this was around 2 AM and my brain was still half asleep), and when I stepped back into the living room, she had already managed to open the Netbook again and had snapped out the left Alt key!

Speaking of snow...

  This is what one of our back decks looked like at around 9 PM last night. I didn't bother going out to check the other one. It's been sleeting/snowing all night.

Cold Feet...

            Yesterday afternoon, when there was barely any snow yet, Hubs had told Selly to go get his phone from the truck. Well, hours later, after she had zonked out for the night at around 4:30 PM (seriously!), we realized that she had not done as Hubs asked her to. Well, at around 11PM, some fool called from Tennessee, wanting to talk to Hubs about buying a pup.Who calls at that hour? Anyway, while hubs was talking,I got the bright idea to run out to the truck for his phone.

Wearing my smart winter outfit of a t-shirt, Capri pajama pants, Croc knockoffs,no socks, I made my way outside. While still on the carport, I noticed that it had been sleeting. Figuring that there was a sheet of ice formed atop the snow, I made a mental note to be careful to not slip on the ice. I stepped onto the snow and quickly realized that there was no sheet of ice. I sank into the powdery snow, clear to almost halfway up my shins. My shoes quickly filled with snow. Freezing cold snow! Since I was already there, I made a dash for the truck that was also covered in snow. My feet were starting to burn! I hurried and grabbed the phone, took a deep breath, then made a mad dash through the snow toward the carport. When those wet plastic shoes his the concrete, I think I slid in fifteen different directions at once!
Somehow, I managed to not fall. I bounded up the steps of the landing and burst into the kitchen,kicking off my snow-filled shoes as I cross the floor. Lord,my feet ached so bad!. Tallen,who was so excited about the weather that he couldn't sleep, asked, "Hey,Mama! Have you been building snowmen?!"LOL Next time, Hubs can go fetch his own danged phone!


  1. Yay snow! That picture feels magical. There's something about snow at night that just seems to much more exciting than snow during the day.

  2. The snow missed us but I've had a lifetime of it when I lived in NY. Thanks for the kind words on my blog to which I must add to ASAP. Ahh,time!

  3. oh my. Can I even count the number of times my triplets have managed to kill my laptop?

    First, keys popped off (and I could NOT get them back on)

    Then again...more keys.

    Then standing and cracking the hinge...

    then more keys popped off.

    Have a I learned to keep my laptop on the highest shelf in my house? Cause honestly, I am running out of high places to hide things...

    Mostly, I have remembered. I don't expect this PC to live forever though!

  4. I agree, Holly, it's so magical at night!

    You're welcome Barbra! I'll keep checking back for updates.: )

    TPTM, I had to laugh at your similar experience. The sad part is, I never expected this from Ross. Tallen had done a lot of damage to techy stuff around here. I was so busy watching out for him, I let my guard down with Ross...


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