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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made me Go "Hmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...


I purchased this movie on PPV, this week. I knew that Tallen and Ross would love it. However, I was not prepared for how much I would love this movie, at the age of 38. Twenty minutes into the movie, I was crying. Then I laughed the whole way through.. At the end, I started boo-hooing again! LOL This is a great movie to watch with your kids, that won't  bore you to tears.

Mystery Egg

  I only have two hens. Usually, they lay one egg each per day. We collected their eggs last night, as we had forgotten to any earlier. Just now, I found three eggs in their hutch. All three of them are very nice eggs. I am surprised, if one of them did lay a second egg today, that it is as nice as the others.

There He Goes Again...

I often tell of what an amazing memory Tallen has. He proved it again today. This morning, he walked into the kitchen, still sleepy eyed. He stopped and stared up the stairway to the 2nd floor and asked, "Mama, do you remember when you fell down those stairs?" I replied absentmindedly that I did and continued with cooking breakfast. Then it hit me. The one and only time that I have fallen down those stairs, Tallen was just eight months old!  I guess I should be used to him by now. Yet, things like that still catch me off guard.

Uh, Don't Get So Excited. I Wasn't Talking About You....

Unless I just flat can't stand someone, I'll go to extreme lengths to save them embarrassment and avoid their feelings being hurt. For instance, If I have something in my hand and someone mistakenly thinks I am giving it to them, "Oh goodness! Is that for me?!" I imagine how stupid they will feel if I say that it isn't. I know how embarrassed I would feel, if the tables were turned. So, I lie and say, "Yes!" This has happened many time over the years, in different degrees. Well, now I am in a real quandary. One that falls into those same lines...

My readers surely remember the true STORY that I posted a few days ago. It tells of the important roll that my 4th grade sweetheart played in my life. And how having him by my side helped me through a terrible time. I also share how I reconnected with him online, just a couple of weeks ago. Well, recently, I began speaking again with another boy from that same time in my life. He was not my sweetheart! He was just my classmate. We had no life changing moments together. Mind you, he has grown up to be a fine man and would be a great friend for anyone to have. He told me that he had always had a crush on me etc...

Anyway, being so excited that I had found my actual sweetheart from the past, I slapped myself intop the biggest, most confusing, mess ever! Here is the conversation in gmail chat window....

Me."I'm on cloud nine!"
Him:"Really? Why?"
Me:"Because, I am finally back in contact with a very dear friend from my past." (I never said a name because I just felt he didn't need to know all that.)
Me:"Well, I never expected this to happen."
Me: " Maybe this is not some random accident. Maybe this is my chance to be there for him. To listen to what's on his mind. To offer emotional support if he needs it. Like he was there for me. It's surreal."
Him: "It really is. I feel the same way. I'm always here for you."
Me: "?"
Him: "Really"

Then it hit me. He thinks I am talking about him!  I quickly changed the subject. Now, I really have no clue how to tell him that I didn't mean him. I have no idea, given the details.


A few moments ago, Ross came running by screaming, with Selly in hot pursuit. Ross was screaming, "No! No! No! Mine!" Selly was yelling, "Give me that toothbrush!" Thinking I could clear things right up, I said, " Selly! Leave that baby alone! I gave her that toothbrush and it is for babies, so it is safe for her to use on her own.."  Selly interrupted, "But Mom, she was brushing the cat with it!" That put a whole new light on things. "As you were!", I said.


  1. I loved Up as well and I am .... older. I had the same reaction too, cried and then laughed and then cried..

    I recommend it as well.

    8 months that is amazing.

  2. Its just me again, you were the blogger ahead of me in line..Happy Sunday Sharefest. xx

  3. Thanks for the early morning Sunday Chuckle!

  4. Up made me cry. Anna and I sat there balling.
    Tallen is amazing! I wish that I could remember just a tenth of what is going on in the world around me.
    Kids and tooth brushes! Our poor animals. DJ wanted to play Proctologist with our Rott and a play sword when he was 2. Luckily, the dog was smarter than us both and just sat down. The dog figured it out before I could get to DJ. Needless to say, he lost his sword privileges!

  5. Aww, S.A., I didn't mean to make ya cry! Thanks for being so tenderhearted (((hugs)))

    Thanks to all of y'all for stopping by!


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