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Monday Musings

Here are the latest updates...

If Our Tenant Vanishes, It Wasn't Sasquatch That Got Hold Of Him, It Was Me!

Stupidity seems to be the special of the day around here lately. Our friend/tenant has struck again. Perfectly nice guy, but he can be so clueless and dingy at times. I am happy to have him down in the tenant house, because the place cannot be seen from our house and his being there deters robbers and vandals. We do not charge him rent. We do expect him to pay his own power bill. It being in our name, we pay it each month and he is supposed to reimburse us. Since he moved in a few months back,this hasn't happened. He's says he will get us our money on "Friday". But, I'm starting to think that he means a Friday sometime in the year 2020.

Anyway, when this cold snap hit, Hubs called f/t and reminded him to make sure all the pipes were wrapped etc. He said that was no problem and that he'd do it that day. He called back later and assured Hubs that the tenant house was winterized. Fast forward to this past Friday morning...

The girls and I awoke at 5:00 and discovered there was no water.  I just knew that the Sasquatch had been back under the house!LOL But, when we checked, all was secure and we knew our pipes were not frozen. The only other option was that our reservoir, that, incidentally, holds 2000 gallons of water, was empty. No way did a few baths and the dishwasher cycle, completed the night before, use that much water!We shut off the pump, to allow the water to build back up. The girls got ready for school as best they could and we headed for the bus stop. I took the main road to the other end of the driveway, where the tenant house is. As I drove up the hill to make my usual turn around, I couldn't help but noticed that the place resembled Icecapades! There was a sheet of ice, probably 3 feet wide, coming off the hill from the tenant house, stretching down the drive, and stopping just at the hardtop. F/t's truck was not in the drive.

   Long story short, we finally found out that f/v had not been home since Wednesday and was shacked up down at his girlfriend's house. Apparently, when he had stopped by to feed his chickens on Wednesday, his water was frozen. Obviously, he had lied to Hubs about wrapping up the pipes. When he had turned on the kitchen and bathroom faucets and no water came out of them, he walked away and forgot to turn them back to the OFF position.So, whenever the pipes had thawed on their own, he wasn't home to see that the water was now running. So, gallons upon gallons of water were sent down the drains. That house is quite old and has a tiny septic tank. The frozen "water" flowing down the drive was actually due to the septic overflowing! It had ran until it drained our reservoir completely! Only after Hubs had sat here half the day, calling around about parts, as he intended to splice off our line from f/t's frozen one and give us our water back, did f/v show up, turn off the water, and admit what he had done. Hubs had actually talked to him around daybreak and he hadn't mentioned a thing. Then had the gumption to wait until lunch to come shut it off. Our power bill will be through the roof!

   This morning, we awoke to find that we have no water again. All the checks up at our house tell us it isn't frozen. I am waiting now, to hear what Hubs discovers when he checks the tenant house...

That's Not Going In My Mockamole!

Last night, I decided to try a recipe for Mockamole. I had the netbook on the counter, reading the recipe from the website I had found it on. Selly said she would call out the ingredients to me and I could put them in the blender, It went like this....
Selly: "Green peas!"
Me: "Check!"
Selly: "Minced garlic!"
Me: "Check!"
Selly: "Chopped onion!"
Me: "Check!"
Selly: "Semen!"
Me: "Ch... what?!
Hubs (shouting from the living room, where we had guests) "What did you just say, Selly?!"
Me: "I heard you the first time! For goodness sakes, don't shout out that word again!"
Selly (quieter now): "Sorry. One teaspoon of Semen. Do we even have that? (glancing toward the spice rack on the wall) Can I see what is smells like?"
Me:" No, we do not have that spice and you cannot smell it! You must be reading it wrong."
Selly: (Pointing to the tiny screen of the netbook in front of her:) "No, I'm not. It says it right here. S..."
Me: "Shhh! Let me see that thing."
  Selly was tapping her finger on the screen, beneath the word "Cumin". I roared laughing. "Selly, the word is "Cumin". See here, C-u-m-i-n, spells Cumin." Honestly she has no clue what that other word even means. She must have just not been reading  carefully, which isn't uncommon for Selly. At any rate, it was good for a laugh.


  1. Hilarious, I will retell this story many times. ha ha ha


  2. "Stupidity seems to be the special of the day around here lately." I knew right there that this was going to be a mess! Since you aren't charging him rent, maybe you could kick his @$$ instead of collect money! His @$$ needs to hit the road and I hope he slides down the driveway on all of the ice. What the Hell is wrong with him!!!! I wish I was so lucky as to have someone let me live with them for free! What a huge gift and then to lie and spit on you like that. Do you want me to handle this one for you? I got this!

  3. LMBO! OK, you get this one, S.A.!


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