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The Day is Done...

Just to catch everyone up...

We have water. That's always a plus!

Cina is taking exams this week. So, today was only a half-day at school for her.

Tallen has learned the words to "Two Tickets To Paradise" and sings it constantly. Thank goodness, he has a good voice and can carry a tune! It's precious. He has also taught Ross to sing "Girlfriend" by Avril Levigne, that's twice as precious! Except when she parks herself, at the gate (to keep her out, not to keep him in!) in his bedroom door, and sings the chorus repeatedly, just to drive him bonkers. He told her yesterday, "Stop it Ross! You're making me not like my family very much and you are not my girlfriend!"

I couldn't get onto Twitter, from last night, up until later in the day. I thought my head might explode! Twitter is great for all those little things that cross your mind, but don't have enough bulk to merit a blog post...

Tonight was to be Girls' Night Out but one of the girls went AWOL.By the time she called back, my sister and I had already talked ourselves out of going. I stayed home and made fried rice for dinner. It was really, really, good. We're going to try to go out tomorrow night.

Also, my new Lee jeans arrived Friday. I have to say, these are the best fitting jeans I have found in a long time. The pocket placement makes my booty look divine. Mind you, that's just hearsay, from folks here at home. I learned my lesson about trying to see my own rear in the mirror a few years ago, when the toilet lid slipped sideways, sending me into a skull-busting fall onto the sink. Man, that would have been a humiliating way to die. I would hope the headline read "Woman Dies Tragically While Performing a Property Check On Her Back Lot" I was too embarrassed to even go to the emergency room. Besides, I had no ill effects from the head injury.


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  2. Hi Dawna. Happy New Year! Sorry it's been a few weeks since I stopped by.

    Glad to hear you will make a second attempt at going out with the girls and it's AWESOME that you found jeans that make your booty look rockin'!


  3. Isn't that the best when you find great jeans!

  4. Holy Guacamole, Batman! I'd sad, however, that I totally understand your need to "survey" that back lot...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    All I Want for Christmas

  5. I love "Two Tickets To Paradise".

    It's so hard to find perfect fitting jeans especially one's that flatter the tush.

  6. Dawna,
    You kill me with the little ancedotes! ROFLMAO!


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