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MyClyns,Softlips® Lip Conditioners, and Anti Monkey Butt Powder -Giveaway Winners

So sorry but, with all the business of the girls' first day back to school, my post Christmas cleaning spree, then falling into bed way too early last night, posting the winners completely slipped my mind. It is very odd that, even though I included all the posts in each drawing. I still would up with a different number each time. So, drum roll please...

The first number drawn and winner of the MyClyns Germ Protection Spray is comment #3.

Tracy DeLuca

The winner of the SoftLips Lip Conditioners is comment #1


The winner of the Anti Monkey Butt Powder is comment #2


Congratulations to you all and, if you happen to see this, please email me with your shipping info, so I can pass it on to the sponsor. Otherwise, I will also be contacting the winners via email.

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  1. Cool! I will email you my shipping info... Thanks!


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