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The Snowstorm From Hell!

Where shall I begin? I'll start with last Friday...

  Hubs had just returned home the night before, after a business trip to Atlantic Beach. Immediately upon enter the house, he started bitching at me because Fiance had left his truck parked in the wrong place and because Selly had left a shovel out. Welcome home, Hubs! We missed you too! Anyway, sometime during the night, it started to snow again. The girls were out of school Friday, due to bad weather, just as they had been for several days. The snow kept falling and I wasn't exceptionally worried, as we seldom lose power in this area. I should have been...

Around 6:30 Friday evening, there was a huge BOOM! that shook the house a bit. I immediately ran to the foot of the stairs, thinking that Cina must have fallen or something. I called up to her and she said that she had no idea where the noise had originated from. As we all stood around, wondering what it might be, the power went out. I connected the corded phone and called to report the outage, confident that it would return soon. I was wrong!

We have gas heat but without the electricity to run the fan, it's useless. The house kept getting colder and colder. We had no other type of heater here. Tallen was going off the deep end because he couldn't get online and said he was "missing the Japanese Talent Show" online. I have no idea what that is. He has never been without power and was really crying his eyes out. Ross was refusing to stay under blankets and keep warm. Finally, I just had to bundle her up with layers upon layers of clothes and let her go. A few months ago, I purchased some under the counter LED lights. These were a Godsend! Their light was amazing!

I was in terrible pain and had no medication. Besides still suffering from an awful coldand ear infection. FYI, even if the storm of the century is heading your way, those Nazi bitches at Walmart Pharmacy will not let you pick up a refill even a day early. The pic above shows how desperate I got. I thought that maybe some wine would take the edge off my pain. I am not a drinker and so I do not even own a corkscrew. I only had the wine because someone had given it to Renni as a gift and she had forgotten it here. I figured that I could insert the screw and then yank the cork out with pliers. Trouble was, I couldn't find and pliers. The bottle is still sitting in the kitchen, a monument to how low one can sink during a crisis. LOL I tried to be very still and think of other things and did manage to doze off twice. Hubs woke me for something stupid, both of those times. Everyone (except for Ross and Tallen, apparently)was aching from the cold. Hubs decided to drive to town for pizza, even though the roads were terrible. I was hoping that he might fork over the cash for a kerosene heater or something but no such luck.

Around midnight, I called the power company again and a really hateful woman informed me that we would be lucky if they managed to get our power back on by 7:30 the next evening! I had been lying to Tallen all evening, promising him that the power would be back on in a few more minutes. I was forced to lie to him again. Thankfully, he and Ross finally fell asleep on the sofa. By around 3 A.M., I decided that enough was enough and that we should make our way to a hotel. He called Quality Inn. They had available rooms and were reasonable priced. ($79.00. But Hubs decided that he wanted to call every flea bag place in town, trying to save $10.00. I finally snapped and informed him that my babies were not going to sleep under the same roof with crackheads and hookers. Nor were we going to sit there another minute, in the freezing cold, while he tried to be cheap. So, we loaded everyone up into the Durango and headed for town. The whole trip was driven at around 15 MPH. But, the bright side of that is that Ross did not get carsick. After trying to pay for the room, the CC not working, driving across town to an ATM, driving back to the hotel, being given the wrong room key, and driving back to the office to exchange it, we were finally in a room. We only needed one, as the main purpose of being there was just to get warm.

Well, Tallen was thrilled! He said he loved our new house. Ross, on the other hand, started crying to go back home, almost immediately. I begged Hubs to please let me just put the TV on something they would watch, so everyone could relax, but he was acting like an ass and insisted on watching some nature program. I tried to sleep, but my legs would not stop aching, I finally got up and sat in a chair near the heater. Hubs, ever vigilant in trying to make everything about him, gave a pissy look toward the chair and declared, "Well, it isn't too hard to figure this one out! Is it? Insinuating that I couldn't sleep because I did not want to be near him. I don't know why he picks the times that everyone should be working together to become whiney and insecure. I was in no mood to pet his ass and wanted to say "Ef you!" to him. Instead, I climbed back in the bed and attempted to doze off. I suddenly realized that, since this bed was really firm, maybe I could sleep on my stomach and not wake with a backache. I flipped over and was soon in LaLa Land.

I awoke at 5:30 and found that Cina was awake and Hubs was gone. I don>t know the whole story but Cina said he was pissed off about the way I was sleeping and said he wasn't wanted in that bed and left. I called the cell phone and there was no answer. A few minutes later, Hubs called the hotel room from the car. He had driven all the way back home and was now cruising around our neighborhood , watching it snow. WTF? Anyway, he showed back up at the room a couple of hours later. It was almost time for everyone to get up and face the day and he was ready to go to sleep. So, while we are trying to enjoy our free Continental breakfast and get the little ones ready to leave, he was bitching about the noise. When I told Tallen it was time to go home, he said, "I'm not going back to that cold ass house!" The girls and I laughed, mostly from pure shock. Hubs declared that he did not find that funny at all. Later that day, we overheard him repeating the story to one of his friends and laughing to beat the band... Jerk.

To Be Continued...


  1. Oh my gosh. Days (and nights) like that are just the worst! Can't wait to hear what happens next! Visiting via SITS.

  2. Oh that sucks! I hope you got your power back on fairly quickly. Back when I was married we once had to seek refuge in a hotel because the power had gone out in unbearable heat. Ex HAD to bring his mother with. 2 small kids and the mother-in-law? Fun times. Not.

  3. I am sympathizing with you - we were without power but in July with 115 degree humid weather - no comfort what so ever - and they jacked the hotel prices up to $250 - $400.00 per day because they could. Hey, the offer still stands, got a truck and trailer just itchin' for a long haul - we can snap that hubby of yours in shape real quick.

    Stop by the Ranch for a visit!

    Love ya girl! Stay Strong and Tough!


  4. stopping by from SITS - hope the power comes on soon - I know that sucks!

  5. Oh man poor thing.. that totally sucks..... I hope you are doing better.

  6. "Nazi bitches at Walmart Pharmacy will not let you pick up a refill even a day early." Yes, yes, and yes, the same women work at our store. And God save you if you say you are in pain and need a prescription right away. It will take 3 days.
    Sorry about the huge mess! I still love you and my door is always open.
    If you have a gas stove, you can light it with a lighter and boil water. It will heat the house. Just a thought.

  7. Sounds like your man needs a lesson on being a gentleman, geez my man would be walking funny if he pulled one IOTA of the crap you report.

    ((((hugs)))) so sorry for your struggles

  8. Just stopped over to see what you were up too!
    Much love!

  9. OMG...Im laughin so hard, I missed reading your updates. Another way to get light in your place, drive your car on your front lawn, shine the headlights through the window. Plus, you can use the ciggerette lighter in car for the kids to watch dvd's

    Hey, I'm white trash, what can I tell you. My sanity means more to me then a manicured front lawn...lol.


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