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Here I Is!!!!

I have fallen from the face of the earth and am working hard to claw my way back on again. I would love to report that I was shuttled away to some exotic isle, on a romantic getaway, or some equally juicy tale. But, alas, that has not been the case. Honestly, I have just been suffering from burn out. Mentally and physically, I have just felt horrible. I have felt guilty for not blogging. But I reasoned that, as my blog was started in the first place to give me peace of mind, it made little sense to stress, when I was unable to do so. However, I have missed it and all of my friends deeply.

I have been sick for well over a month, with an inner ear infection. I put off going to the doctor, mostly because I did not wish to hear bitching about how much money it was going to cost. So, I waited and waited, till I was boiling with a fever, so dizzy that I could not think straight, my head was pounding for 3/4 of every single day, and green (yes, I said GREEN) stuff was oozing from my ear. I reasoned with Hubs that, even though it might cost a nice chunk of change to see the doctor, it would cost well over 6,000 bucks to bury me. By the time I finally made it to the doctor, my blood pressure was 145 over 115. They attributed this directly to the amount of pain I was in and the stress I am under. The tumor in my inner ear has grown to a point that it has pushed it's way into my ear canal. Apparently, it was so mangled up, the doctor never was able to view my eardrum, to see the hole that is most certainly there. She is more concerned that the tumor is also growing in the other direction, perhaps pressing on my brain. Not to mention that having that much infection, sitting so close to your grey matter,is never ideal.

Add to this my neck full of thyroid tumors and you will understand why I feel as though my head is rotting away. Currently, I am taking Vicodin and antibiotics. I have an appointment on 3/26 to see an ENT doctor. That appointment alone is going to cost 347.00 and, since I have no insurance, the entire amount will be due on the day of my visit. I have no idea where that is coming from. I am just going to remain positive and have faith that I will figure out how to pay, when the time arises.

All of that life ruining bullshit aside... I have missed all of you and appreciate the emails I have received from those who were worried. (((HUGS))) Actually, probably because Spring is just around the corner, I am in very good spirits and am excited to get back in the swing of things.Coming soon will be pictures of the rag rug I am working on and some cooking videos, starring my daughter. She's way prettier to look at than me LOL


  1. Sorry you feel so crummy. That is scary business about your tumor and the money issue.. I'll say a prayer.. Can you pay payments to the dr? Most doctor's offices let you do that, call them ahead of time to work something out. And they say this country doesn't NEED healthcare... MY BUTT!!!!! Good luck with everything and don't feel bad about not blogging but remember your blog community is here for you!


  2. I have missed you! Poor thing...I'm sorry you have been in so much pain! That is AWFUL!!

    I really hope that you can get some relief soon. I agree with Angela..this country needs some kind of serious healthcare reform. It might not come in time for us, but hopefully, it will here for our children!!!

  3. Thank GOD!
    I know this is going to sound crazy and it is just a thought, but if you got a divorce could you get on state aid? Do they have any kind of aid?
    Well, I love you bunches!

  4. wow, its been a while since I've in blog world and missed all this. I feel guilty.

    I have no words I just hope they can sort all this out for you. Ill be looking forward to your video.

  5. How did the DR. appointment go today?
    If you need anyone, you know I'm here for you!
    Much love!


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