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Today is a beautiful day, here in the foothills.I keep toying with the idea of putting light jackets on Tallen and Ross and taking them outside for a while. But, as we are home alone, I worry that, if I should get lightheaded and possibly faint, there they would be, all alone together, running rampant through the woods. So, I'll wait until the older kids arrive home and can offer some assistance.

Cina and Selly had dental check-ups yesterday. Neither of them had any cavities and received glowing reports. The weather was really nice and I actually enjoyed the drive. Once I figured out the secret, that is. Selly offered to loan me her iPod. I turned it on and put one of the buds in my hearing ear. It was like magic! Music in one ear, my deaf ear to Hubs, the ride was pure bliss! Whenever I heard a faint mumbling coming from the driver's seat, I just smiled and nodded, then closed my eyes again. It occurred to me that I basically stopped listening to music, once I met Hubs. I've always loved music and have always loved to sing but, during the chaos of these last few years, it has been pushed aside. I've decided to listen to lots and lots of music again. To do lots and lots of singing again. I don't care who gripes. : )

On a whim last night, Renni and I decided to kidnap my sister and go out on the town for dinner and shopping. My sister bucked up at first. Then she realized that we weren't taking no for an answer and came along. I fairly sure that she ended up having a good time. I know I did. I had no money to spend but Renni treated me. I wound up spending about five soul replenishing hours away from home. I've decided that depression is not healthy and I am going to be positive, no matter who tries to pee in my Cheerios. Ever notice how, when someone is going out of their way to be a grump and tries to drag you down, nothing makes them crazier than when you respond with a smile?

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  1. Well I'm glad you still have your humor - I was worried about you - just now getting caught up to everyone since my surgery. Please take care of yourself and just let me know when you need the truck,trailer and the YaYa sisterhood to put the fear of you know what in Hubs for ya! I would truly enjoy it ya know!

  2. I missed you!
    "pee in my Cheerios" I thought it was piss on your parade!

  3. "Music in one ear, my deaf ear to Hubs, the ride was pure bliss!"

    Not FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love to sing also, but my kids constantly remind me that I am 'pitchy'.

    the sad thing is i ruin music for them. I sing that lady gaga song and they hide their heads in shame.

    But they have also said that when they hear that song on the radio they cant help but picture me belting it out. Of course dancing must be included also.

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