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Don't Beat Around the Bush, Tallen. Tell Us Exactly How It Is...

I realized that, although I had shared this story on Twitter, I had neglected to post it to my blog. So here goes...

Hubs has this terribly ugly blanket that he adores. I'm thinking that Wilma Flintstone gave it to his mother as a wedding gift and she passed it down to Hubs. He keeps it on the sofa, where he spends most of his "at home" time. Whenever he leaves, the kids, the Yorkie, and even the cat at times, head straight for that sofa. It's like the best seat in the house and they are thrilled when Hubs is finally away and they can have a chance to sit/lay/tumble,play there. Of course, Hubs always returns and immediately notices that someone has ruffled his blanket and gets really annoyed. Amazingly, none of the kids can ever seem to recall which one of them mussed it up.

Well, last week, Hubs came in and went to the sofa, looked at the blanket and shook his head. He picked it up and started to shake some mystery matter off of it onto the floor. He griped, "I'd love to know just what in the hell is all over my blanket!" Although he had basically mumbled this comment to himself, Tallen, with his bionic hearing, heard him from his seat in the kitchen. Without missing a beat, he replied, "Crackers, toenails, and dog balls!"


  1. Hi You have received an award from Elle! Check it out here: http://stilettosandvodka.blogspot.com/2010/05/versatile-bolgger-i-am.html

  2. Dawna, give Tallen a good ole hug - he deserves it on that one! I'm still laughing and sharing!

    Have a good one and hope you are feeling better. Had a bout with illness in FEB/March myself.

  3. So there is no possibility that the ugly blanket could accidentally destroyed in the wash? :)

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