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Top Ten Thursday - Join Me As I Tie One On

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

I rarely drink anything harder than coffee or soda. But why should that stop me from toasting some events in my life? Please raise your glass and join me in...

1. A Toast to Improvisation.
I really wanted to try the upside-down planting process. However, no way was I paying nearly $15.00 for one of those doodads. Hubs repeatedly failed to fix me a 5 gallon bucket for this purpose, even though he had promised for the last two years. So, I had my daughter save me the dressing jars that are constantly being tossed into the garbage at her job and came up with this...

Now, it may look fairly ugly, but it seems to be doing the trick. The pic shows my tomato plant. I also planted a cucumber in this way. Later this afternoon, I will get outside and take another pic and you can see how much this plant has grown in a little over 1 week.

2. A Toast to Traffic Violations

  A couple of weeks ago, as Hubs was returning home from hunting, on a dark and foggy night, he totaled our truck. He broad-sided a COW. Yes, a cow. The poor critter was black as pitch and standing in a foggy patch. Hubs didn't see it in time to stop or swerve. So far, nobody has claimed the cow. This is what happened to the truck...

  Needless to say, we won't being driving this baby anymore!

3. A Toast to "What in Tarnation?!"

   The same night that Hubs wrecked the truck and was out the road talking to the patrolman, I found myself in the middle of another emergency situation. Hearing Tallen's shouts for help, I ran to his room. I found him there, screaming like crazy, with his head jammed into the headboard rails of his wrought iron bed.. By the way, his bed is turned backwards, with the headboard at the bottom, as he prefers it that way and refuses to let us change it. I assessed the situation.He was standing at the end of the bed, his head through the rails. hovering above the mattress.

  I reasoned that, since he had managed to shove his head through, I should be able to pull his head out. I grasped his shoulders and gave a little tug. He screamed and cried, "Mama! You're tearing off my ears!" I told him I was sorry, placed my hands over his ears to hold them in and gave another gentle tug. He wailed again, "Mama! My skull is too big! Please stop!." Frustrated, I asked him, "Tallen, how on Earth did you ever manage to shove your head through in the first place?!" He said he didn't remember.

  I concluded that I would just have to bend those rails. So, I pushed Tallen's head down to the mattress and told him to keep it right there, no matter what. I braced my right foot onto the railing, above his neck and, grabbing the last rung on the headboard, I held on with all my might and pushed as hard as I could. I might have bent it a tiny amount but not enough to make a difference. Worse than that, I had felt my back give way during the process. I was to the point of tears! I decided that I would fetch the cooking spray from the kitchen, reasoning that it would be less messy than oil. If this didn't work, I would have no choice but to call 911. As I started to walk away, Tallen shocked me by turning his shoulders parallel to the railing and wriggling his entire body through the railing and onto his mattress! Amazed and relieved, I gasped, "Tallen! Is that how you got into the headboard!?!"  He shrugged, "Yes, Mama. That's how I always get stuck in the headboard." I felt like such a sucker...

4. A Toast to Agri-vation

  As in Agriculture. Both the teen girls has begged Hubs to let them help set plants this year. They just knew it would be super-cool to get to ride on the setter. Well, he finally gave in and, near the end of that day, something snapped on the equipment and allowed a metal fertilizer box to fall on them. Cina bore the most weight from it and Selly got cut the worst.. They have both healed up nicely now. Below is a pic of Selly's back, a couple of days after the event. She looks as though she were slapped by a tiger.

5. A Toast to Food Preparation

  For most of my life, I have had a love/hate relationship with Chicken N' Dumplings. I love them. This has to be my favorite dish ever. Even when they're bad, they're still good. I had them made by several different folks over the years and each one made them differently. I'd have to say that my favorite ones have been eaten at country style restaurants.

  I hate them. I hate the fact that, though my C N' Ds have always tasted great, I have been plagued with broth too thin, broth to thick, chewy dumplings, or worse, dumplings that completely disappeared somewhere in the pot. Yet, I have trudged on, making them occasionally, hoping that each time would be the one that yielded perfection. Well, this past month, I decided to change all that. I decided to stop following recipe after recipe for the "perfect" Chicken N' Dumplings and set about perfecting my own recipe. Doing what I know to make sense and making changes accordingly. Well, I am happy to announce that I finally made the perfect pot of C N' Ds! Not only that, I have managed to do it over and over again, as everyone loved them and keeps asking me to make them again. Each time, they have been wonderful! I'm so proud that I could almost burst! I even heard Hubs on the phone with a friend saying that, although he wouldn't let me hear him brag on me, he had eaten the best chicken n' dumplings he'd ever had in his life! I know I'll sleep better now. LOL                                                               

6. A Toast to Education

  Today is the last day of school for Cina and Selly.  Yay!

7. A Toast to Adoration

  When a relative of a relative needed to find a home for their two Chihuahuas, because their other dogs were not accepting of them and were starting to become abusive, that relative gave me a call. Of course I said I would take them. Their names are Lola and Conky and we just love them to pieces.

This is Lola...

and this is Conky. His favorite place to sleep in under the cushion of the recliner's footrest.

8. A Toast to Innovation.

  While I work on getting these little boogers house broken, I have resorted to putting them in diapers. I am making these myself, along with some dresses for Lola (she is wearing one in the pic). I have to say that I have really been enjoying all the sewing. I will post pics soon.

9. A Toast to Aggravation

   A huge storm was rolling in the other night. Like a good little girl, I unplugged my PC and everything connected to it. Since the storm, my computer will not power up. I reckon I should have just left the dang thing running. For now, I am using a laptop, connected to the big monitor and keyboard.

10. A Toast to Resignation

  Meaning that I have resigned myself to the fact that Hubs and are probably never, ever, going to see eye to eye, or get along in the least. It sucks, but that's life. The main thing is to just accept it and do the best that I can to remain true to myself and to find my joy in life. To remember that my happiness does not depend on him.

  Thanks for joining me! Cheers!

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