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I Nearly Impaled Myself!

Yep, impaled . A guy pulled into the drive this morning, looking for Hubs. I opened the door and hollered out that Hubs would be along in a minute. Then I stepped into the living room for a few seconds and Tallen was out the door in a flash. As a I chased after him, I stumbled a bit on the landing and somehow landed on the corner post of the lovely wrought iron banister that Hubs placed around it years ago, for our safety. Thank goodness that the corner piece has a smooth decoration and doesn't come to a point. Else I would have been a kabob! As it is, I am developing a nice bruise on my left side and it is throbbing with pain. I hope I didn't jab something important...

   At any rate, I eventually caught up with him. A friend of Cina's actually trains dogs that are given to children with Autism. They "retrieve" them, when they take off running and keep them out of harm's way.  I guess they just take them by the shirt tail and lead them back into the yard. I think I am going to get his number and check into getting one of these dogs for Tallen. Otherwise, my breaking a bone or having a nervous breakdown seems to be on the horizon, I love that kid so much. If something were to happen to him, I'm certain that I would just lay down and die myself. I never want to face a day without him.

   Beyond all the frustration and off the wall things he does, he is such a joy. Constantly uttering things to us with such deep meaning. Things that are so raw and so true, that we never would have even thought of or noticed, because we do not have the gift that he has been given to see and hear  and even feel things on a much deeper level. Then there is his humor. He is embarrassed by nothing and ashamed of nothing. That makes for some great comedy...

  I have to share with y'all, something he did last week. I had fallen asleep on the sofa. Something tickled my nose and I swatted at it, highly annoyed. I could see that it was pink. As I swatted, Tallen howled with laughter. I quickly drifted back to sleep, only to be awakened again by that pink thing tickling my nose. I swatted at it and he howled laughing. This happened maybe four more times. I can't be certain as I was exhausted. Finally, I gave up on getting a nap and got up off the sofa. When I went through the house, all wild eyed and cross looking, Hubs asked why I was awake. I explained to him that Tallen had kept waking me by sticking a sock in my face. As we continued to talk, Tallen tugged at my shirt, "but, Mama!" He did this a couple more times and I gave up on the conversation with Hubs and turned to him, "What Tallen? what is it?" He said, "I just have to tell you, that wasn't a sock in your face. It was Selly's panties." I stammered, "Selly's panties?! Where on Earth did you get those and why were you putting them in my face?!" Very matter-of-factly, he replied, "Well, I got them from her floor and I put them in your face to tickle you." I dare say that he is the only person who could shove another person's dirty drawers in my face and manage to make me laugh about it!


  1. Aww, it was funny. At least it wasn't your husbands stinky briefs.

  2. probably the reason I lived through it. LOL


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