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Top Ten Thursday - Top Ten Random Things I feel Like Blabbing About Today

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

1. Lost in Translation 

  After the NYC bombing scare a few days ago, we all felt as though we had missed huge bullet. A little over a week before, Cina had been on her trip to NYC and had been to see The Lion King, just across the street from where this thing was apparently placed. In some of the news footage, you can actually see the sign for The Lion King in the background.

  However, as things tend to go around here, something was found to laugh about, even in this situation...

  When the news broke, Cina called her friend, telling him all about how there had been a fertilizer bomb found across the street from where she had been. He seemed unimpressed and asked with a chuckle, "What did the man plan to do, give everyone Pinkeye?" Annoyed by his seeming unwillingness to see just how serious this was, Cina snapped, "For your information, the experts feel certain that, had he succeeded, there would have been casualties." Her friend replied, "Whatever. Who ever heard of someone being killed by cow manure?" Gotta love those country boys!

2. Has Eco-Friendly Packaging Gone Too Far?

   Having seen on TV that the new SunChips®  package is designed to fully break down in just 14 weeks, a close relative of mine, who shall remain nameless, picked up a bag while shopping and asked the person with her, "What happens if you don't manage to eat the chips before the bag runs out of time?" Erasing her fears of a cabinet full of bag-less chips, the person explained to her that the bag disappears after being placed in a compost pile or landfill.

3. Does Tallen Remember Being Born?

  I wouldn't doubt it. If you don't already know about Tallen and some of the strange things he comes up with, check the archives. Yesterday morning, he walked into the room and asked me, "Mama, do you remember when I was in the dark? When I was in the dark, down in that black hole?" As he firmly believes that I have knowledge of all his dreams and assuming that he was probably referring to one about Outer Space and wanting to continue my phone conversation with my sister, I just told him "yes". He continued, "and then the lights came on and the doctor pulled me out. The doctor and you and everyone was looking at me. I was so embarrassed! Do you remember that?" Bless his heart, how could I ever forget?

 4. Just Eat It!

   Ross, the kid who has never met a food that she didn't like, the kid who will wake up at 3 a.m. and demand a grilled cheese sandwich, has gone on a hunger strike. Well, sort of. She will eat toaster pastries, apples, and turkey. All other foods are shoved back at me with a disgusted, "That's dirty!" I have no clue where this is coming from so suddenly. I hope it passes soon.


  As if spending my every waking breath stressing over Tallen's welfare were not enough, now he has become a flight risk. He has taken to springing into the air like a jack rabbit and darting out the nearest exit. He cares not if it is pitch black outside, that he has on no shoes, that the ground is wet, or that he may be eaten by a bear. The boy fears nothing! I have alarms on the doors that let me know when he has made a break for it. What I lack is the speed to catch him. The best I can do is to run behind him, choking on his dust, screaming for him to please stop. Eventually he does stop. The he walks calmly back into the house, as if nothing has happened.

  Thank goodness we don't live near a main road. But, we do live in the woods. I have horrors of him sneaking away unnoticed and getting lost out there. I am thinking that we need to install those locks that can only be opened from the inside with a key. Something about that really creeps me out. Until then, I only sleep when someone else in the house assures me that they will keep an eye on him, while I get a nap.

6. Let Them Eat Cake!

   I love to bake. I love to decorate cakes. I especially love making my own fondant and using that to decorate. Apparently, I do a pretty decent job. Folks are calling me more and more often for their cake needs. When the cake is for family, I just have them purchase the supplies I need and do the work at no cost. I figure it gives me practice for the cakes I make for paying customers. I have taught my older girls to work with the fondant, as I have became to weak to do the kneading. They love to help, so all is good.

 In the span of a few days, I had "orders" for four birthday cakes and one baby shower cake. Actually, two of those cakes will be for my girls, Selly and Ross, who both have May birthdays. No big story here. Just felt like sharing. LOL

7. Green Thumb?

   I've been planting up a storm! I plan to have a bumper crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and all the usual stuff. Plus, just for fun, I am growing a wonder egg plant a a few other odd things.

  I was so stressed because my little sets for multiplier onions and Egyptian walking onions had been misplaced. When I finally found them, there was really no bulb inside it seems, just dried up papery outer coverings. I could have cried! Actually, I did cry. LOL Anyway, I decided to plant them anyway and see what happened. With Selly's help. I dug up a couple of beds and planted them. Lo and behold, all of those pitiful "un-bulbs" are growing like gangbusters! Sonya, that means that as soon as the walking ones get their tops and fall over, I can send you some starts like I wanted too.

  Our Royal Empress Tree is in bloom and the yard smells divine! Doing research on this fast growing tree, I have come to learn that folks either love it or hate it. Apparently, some folks have had trouble with the tree reproducing like crazy and taking over their yard. We haven't had that problem. I wonder if this is due to the fact that ours is growing in the middle of a huge patch of English Ivy. Maybe the carpet of ivy prevents the seeds from ever reaching the ground and taking root. So far, our tree only has one baby and that is after about 10 years. As we never planted the tree in the first place, we can only assume that a little bird might have pooped it out as a gift. If you need some fast growing shade and love fragrant plants, this tree is for you.

8. Beware FIA Card Services!

  Here's the deal. Last December, Hubs answered a call that showed up on the ID as Unavailable Name Unavailable Number. The lady on the line told him that she was with FIA card services and was calling about his CC account with Bank of America. He does have a CC through them and he might have been a couple of days late with the payment. I am not sure as I don't keep up with his cards, but for some reason, he assumed that this person was on the up and up. He agreed to give the a check by phone for $65.00 and passed the phone off to me to give the lady the information, as he did not have his reading glasses. When I got on the phone, the lady starts asking me for information such as his B-day and Social. I informed her that since she was the one calling my husband, claiming to have access to his account, she should already know that information. She quickly stated that she did and was just wanting to verify. I didn't tell her a thing.

  Well, when the next statement arrived, it did not reflect a thing about the payment that Hubs had made to these folks claiming to work for Bank of America. A lot was going on at the time and Hubs never got around to calling and asking about this.  Fast forward to February.  A call comes in again with no information on the ID. Again. this thieving skank tells Hubs that she is with FIA Card Services and is making a collection call for B of A. Well, this time, I had the good sense to put the trash on speaker phone and record the convo. Hubs informs the woman that he is current with B of A and that there is no reason for anyone to be making a collection call. As if she hadn't heard him, she asked if he would like to pay with a check by phone. Hubs repeats what he has just said and adds that, if she will give him her name and a number to reach her, he will be happy to call her back, as soon as he makes a call to B of A and finds out what is going on with his account. She again reverts to asking him to make a payment. I kept telling him to just hang up the damned phone. He didn't and this went on for 45 minutes!

  Let me tell you, this woman was being a total bitch, trying to strong arm my husband into paying her. He informed her that he had no plans to pay her especially since not one cent of the money he paid in December went toward his B of A bill. She asks if his banking info was the same as in December! I am like, "JUST HANG UP THE EFFING PHONE!" He told her it made no difference, because he was not paying her a dime until he called B of A.  He asked for a number to call her back over and over. Finally, she mumbled out some digits. He kept asking her to repeat, until he was certain of the number. Then repeated it back to her and she agreed that this was the number.Then he demanded to speak to her manager. Someone else got on the phone and said, " Please hold while I get a confirmation number for your payment." and before he could object, the line went dead. Immediately, I called back the number he was given and got a recording as the number did not exist. I told him that he should call the bank and let them know to reject any drafts coming in from this place. He thought there was no need.

  Sure as shit, when we got our bank statement in March, there it was. These thieving bitches had forged a check by phone, even down to a fake check number and deducted a payment from our account! Immediately, we closed that account. The bank told us that we had to file charges in order to recover the funds. We sure had no qualms about that! The next time they called, I informed the guy that we were not at liberty to speak with them, as we currently have legal action pending against them for forgery, larceny, and identity theft. He immediately hung up. A couple days later, we got a call from another "collection agency" claiming to be calling on behalf of FIA Card Services. I told this lady the very same thing I told the guy before her. She hung up as well. What is this, collection agencies are now hiring their own collection agencies?

  Please beware of calls like this, especially when they seem to have all your information but don't wish to share their. Honestly, no business, even a collection agency, will have any qualms with giving you the information you need to verify that they are legit. Unless of course, they are not legit. Hopefully, the next time I tell Hubs to hang up the phone, he'll listen.

9. Craft Intervention

  I need help. A 12 step program or something. I am buried in craft supplies, collected over several years. I keep telling myself that I will eventually get these things completed. Some days I snap and decide to toss it all, sell it, or give it away. But when I start plundering through all the beads, yarn, cloth, floss, soap bases and scents, chains, findings, paints, even a Stamp Critter (gift from boss,never used) and Dye Sublimation transfer heat press and supplies (also gift from boss, never used), I just can't make myself part with these things. Keep an eye out. I'll probably be featured on Hoarders before long.

10. 39 and Holding

  Scratch the holding part, but I did turn 39 last month. I am not as stressed about it as I expected I might be, after years of watching other ladies go to pieces as they approached 40. Actually, I'm happy to be getting older. Why shouldn't I be? The only other alternative is to stop getting older and there is only one way to do that. No thanks! : )

Huge Hugs to you all!

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  1. I was not aware of that little piece of trivia about sunchips, good for them!

    Don't worry about turning 40 either, its empowering.


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