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Silk Pure Almond- All Natural Almond Milk - Review and Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Silk, with an offer to try their new Silk Pure Almond and even better, the opportunity to host a giveaway for my readers. Silk provided me with two coupons, each good for one half-gallon of Silk Pure Almond.

After a few trips to my grocer, finding that it was not in stock yet, and repeatedly annoying the management for an ETA, I was finally able to obtain two containers of Silk Pure Almond last week. I chose both,the original and the vanilla flavors. I knew I was about to try a great product before it ever touched my lips. Why? Because the sweet lady that rang up my order that day was so thrilled when she picked up the package. It seems that she can have no dairy at all and was very happy to now have an alternative to soy milk. I could sort of relate. I drink soy milk and have learned to almost like it. But I have never totally enjoyed the taste of it. I've yet to grow accustomed to the aftertaste. In other words, I will be a good girl and replace cow's milk with soy milk for the health benefits, but the taste always reminds me that I am making a sacrifice.

I am happy to report that my trial of Silk Pure Almond was a completely pleasant experience. The Original flavor is delicious. The is no "offish" aftertaste or funky smell. It is just very, very, good milk. The Vanilla flavor is slightly sweeter and has a great flavor in it's own right. Most importantly, my kids really liked the taste. They drank the Vanilla as it was and tried the Original over cereal and also with chocolate syrup added. Each one of them gave Silk Pure Almond a thumbs up. I have been trying to get Tallen off dairy for years, in hopes of speeding up the improvement of his condition. Trying to switch him to soy milk always resulted in a huge blowout. Now, I have a wonderful new alternative.

Plus, Silk Pure Almond is very nutritious and all natural. Here are a few facts from their site...

Almonds are recognized by health professionals as a nutritious addition to a healthy diet. A serving of almonds provides an excellent source of vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), and a good source of protein and fiber. In fact, almonds are higher in protein and fiber than any other tree nut. Plus, they're naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free.

It doesn’t take much to get from whole, natural almonds to Silk Pure Almond™ almondmilk. Each glass provides an excellent source of natural antioxidants* and as much calcium and vitamin D as dairy milk, with absolutely no cholesterol, saturated fat, dairy or soy. And, best of all, a serving of Silk Pure Almond Original almondmilk is only 60 calories, and a delicious glass of Vanilla is just 90.

Smooth, refreshing and indescribably yummy, our almondmilk goes everywhere milk goes – from cereal to coffee to straight up in a glass – but with fewer calories than 1% milk.* And just like dairy milk, Silk Pure Almond almondmilk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. All that, with the subtle, satisfying flavor of real, natural almonds.

Almondmilk cooks and bakes to perfection, and can be substituted for milk in many recipes. Discover soups, cakes, muffins and more – with fewer calories than you’d think.

On the off chance that I haven't convinced you to give Silk Pure Almond a try, you can register at the site and print off a .75 coupon and try it for yourself. Here is the link.

 Now the details about the awesome giveaway!

  There will be three (3) winners in this contest. Each of the winning three will receive a coupon for a free Silk Pure Almond but one of these will also receive a Silk Pure Almond branded ChicoBag in addition to the coupon. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me why you would like to try Silk Pure Almond or, if you have already tried it, comment and tell me what you think of it. Winners will be chosen on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at random. If your email address is not available on your profile, please include with your comment. If I cannot contact the winner(s), I will choose another after 24 hours. Good Luck!

* Silk provided me with the product written about in this article for testing and review purposes. I have received no other form of compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Mmmm, this sounds yummy! I am always looking for healthy alternatives, and sometimes wonder if it is wise to give my little boy soy (because I have heard that it can negatively affect hormones, not sure if that is true) So this might be a great alternative for both of us.

  2. We've tried Silk Soy Milk but the only Almond Milk we've tried is Almond Breeze brand. Would love to try the Silk brand of Almond Milk as we have lactose issues here and a change from the soy milk is always welcomed.

  3. I LOVE the Silk Almond milk. It is the only thing I buy now! I love the taste and the texture. I use it in my coffee and milk and its great to bake with!!! Thanks!


  4. oops I meant I use it in my coffee and cereal! lol

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  6. Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to Bel! You will be receiving the ChicoBag and coupon for a free Silk Pure Almond product!

    Congratulations also to Mudmama and Slugmama! Each of you will recive a coupon for a free Silk Pure Almond product!

    Please contact me with your shipping information at danrivermama@gmail.com

    Winners were chosen via Random.org.


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