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The Phone Works Now. Yayyyyyyyy!

Since lightening zapped my phone line, killing my desktop PC in the process, there has been a horrible buzz on our phone line. Some repairmen came out a few weeks ago, but never could pinpoint the problem. Well, Hubs called the phone company and complained yesterday, without warning any of the rest of us that he was about to. This gave me, along with two zombie-eyed teenagers, who had stayed up extremely late, reciting Romeo and Juliet, painting toenails, learning to play the keyboard, and giggling, about 30 minutes to make the house presentable.After moving the DSL to the kitchen jack, everything seems to be back in working order.

In other news...

Due to some confusion with my daughter's electricity payment, she lost power Tuesday and will not be reconnected until this afternoon. The lady she purchased the house from had left the power in her name temporarily and even though Renni had paid her on time, somehow the money didn't manage to get to the electric company on time. At any rate, I spoke to her yesterday and discovered she was about to toss out loads of food, as it was beginning to thaw. I explained to her that, even though the food was beginning to thaw, it could still be salvaged by cooking it, and begged her to offer it to her neighbors or something. She ended up bringing it to my house and we cooked up loads of TV dinners and pizza rolls. I think this was my easiest cooking day ever. LOL

I made it down to the bottoms yesterday evening and did a bit of metal detecting and arrowhead hunting. The humidity was horrible! Gallons of sweat and a sunburned face later, I had loads of flint but no actual arrowheads, what I think is a tiny piece of Emerald, and half of a horseshoe. I'm hoping for better luck today.

My mother popped in this past Sunday. She does this every few months. The kids barely know her and I'm basically OK with that. I did get a good laugh from this visit...

Ross had been drinking milk from a flashing party glass (free with my umbrella purchase) and had forgotton to turn it off. I pointed it out to her and, as she walked over to shut it off, my Mom had to add her two cents.
"You can't lave that thing burning (yes, she said "burning"), you'll run your batree dead."
"Ross looked at her like she had three heads, "My what?"
Realizing that she had very little experience with hearing my mother talk, I jumped in to translate. "Ross, your battery."
The confusion left her face. "Ohhhhh!" Placing her little hands on her hips, she turned to my mother and sighed, "Granny, please learn to speak our language."


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  1. I'm glad that you are up and running again. I missed ya bad!
    Have a great weekend!


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