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Update Schmupdate

My hip is finally back to normal! When I woke Saturday, there was only a tiny bit of pain in it. I felt like running laps and shouting, "I'm healed! Healed, I tell you!" But I reckoned it made better sense to just be thankful and enjoy the simple act of walking. This was the longest episode I have ever had with my hip being displaced or whatever it is and it scared the hell out of me. I worried that I might be that way forever. Especially since the medication only took the edge off my pain and never actually eliminated it.

The first couple of days , after seeing the doctor, I followed her orders and walked as little as possible, only venturing off the sofa to go to the bathroom, etc... When I did have to walk, it hurt so bad that I felt I was going to pass out. I finally realized that wasn't working and decided to take another route. I would walk off the pain or, at the very least, walk so much that I became accustomed to walking while in pain. Taking either Selly or Cina with me as spotters, just in case I fell and couldn't get up, I spent the rest of the week outside. We went down and worked in the melon patch. It was so wonderful to look over those rows upon rows of watermelons and cantaloupes and see what has become of those little seeds that I started months ago!

We collected the pieces of a long forgotten umbrella table from out back (inherited from Hub's last marriage), cleaned it up, and moved it around to the front yard. When Selly and I found the umbrella portion a few weeks ago, it was completely dry rotted. When I found a great deal online for two beach umbrellas for $14.99, I crossed my fingers and ordered them. Well, it worked great! I simply removed the old umbrella top, retaining the original pole, and slipped the much skinnier pole down inside. Tah Dah! I reckon if anyone looked hard enough, they could see that it is a rig job, but it actually looks great and has made a nice little shaded table for the kids and I to enjoy by the pool. We keep the other one in the car and pop it in the ground to picnic under.

Speaking of picnics... Friday morning, Selly and I worked outside, inflating a smaller pool and getting it set up in just the right spot for the little ones. Then I came inside and packed a huge picnic basket. I loaded everyone up and drove down by the melon patch, near the river. The little ones had a blast and Tallen ate better than he ever does at home, wiping out 1.5 Ham and Cheese sandwiches, chips, and a chocolate chip cookie. Usually, he is a myriad of complaints about crusts and things being cut the wrong way, but not that day. He sat there on the blanket, squinting his beautiful blue eyes at the sun, river babbling in the background, and never complained once. Meanwhile, Ross danced around and tumbled in the grass, singing songs that she made up on the spot. It was almost poetic.

We came back to the house, got the little ones cleaned up and into their swimming suits, loaded them down with more sunscreen, then headed out to the wading pool. Ross and Tallen jumped right in, laughing hysterically, and splashing us all. Selly got in with them, to act a lifeguard and splash patrol, while Cina and I manned the parameters with towels, ready in a flash, should one of them need to wipe their eyes. They played till after 6:00. Then it was back inside to get things ready for dinner. Wanting to keep this magical day going as long as possible, I fired up my little iron bowl/fireplace, made slaw and potato salad, and we roasted beef franks over the fire. Again, Tallen ate like a champ. His big blue eyes were looking a bit hazy, as he ate the last bite of his hot dog. I could tell he was exhausted. He looked above his head at the multicolored umbrella and asked, "Will you leave this like this, always?" I nodded. He grinned a genuine grin (a rare treat from Tallen), hopped off his chair and starting walking toward the house. The girls and I looked at each other and smiled, each of us silently beaming, knowing that was Tallen's way of saying that he had really enjoyed his day. Having a great day myself is awesome. But giving the kids a great day is so much better than that.

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  1. I am happy to see you feeling better, and I agree that moving is better than sitting to heel the body and soul. Creating memories with our children is a joy that defies words. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family.


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