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I Did It!

After several days and nights of contemplating, crocheting, re-contemplating, pulling out stitches, then re-crocheting, I have finally finished the doll! Her dress is actually a nice, dark, teal and black. I have no idea why it insists on looking black in the picture.

  I had purchased the head and hands a  year or more ago, but had no pattern for a doll or clothes. So, I just took a deep breath and made everything up as I went along. Really, she looks much better in person. Now that I have the pattern in my head, the body will make up much faster for the next one.

  It was so sweet, the way Ross and Tallen hovered around, through this whole process, "reminding" me to give her arms, legs, and then some clothes. Ross has taken her now and I don't expect that I will be getting her back anytime soon. LOL

Hope y'all have a great weekend!



  1. It's usually the ones without patterns that we are most proud of!! She turned out really cute!


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