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What I Did On the Long Weekend...

First off, I started organizing all my craft supplies. I sorted through beads, upon beads, and even more beads. Mostly, the only things that got organized were my beads. But I really enjoyed looking through them all and fining things that I had long forgotten that I even owned.

  I made up  seven gallons of laundry detergent. That got me into a soaping mood, so I made up some Sourwood Honey and Vanilla Soap. I used honey from right here on the farm and real vanilla extract. I didn't add any colors or fragrance. I just love the color that the batch turned out to be. Also, it has a great honey scent. I divided up a bar between the girls, so they could be my test pilots. Turns out that they love it, as it makes their faces as soft as baby bottoms.

Going through all those beads, jewelry findings, and sewing supplies, got my brain to jump into overdrive. Ever get an idea for something on your mind and can't shake it? I do. I will mentally put the thing together, over and over, till I finally have to jump out of bed and make it. That was the case with this pincushion ring, that I made last night....

  Now, I am working on crocheting a dolls body. I have the head and hands and just need to make a body to go with them. As I have no pattern, I'm just winging it. Ross paces back and forth as I work, curious as to how it will turn out. I hope the finished product at least resembles a doll...


  1. You got more accomplished than I did! LOL. Good luck on the doll body. I can crochet but definitely need a pattern.

    visiting from SITS

  2. Hi there! Congrats on getting those beads all organized! :)

    That soap looks amazing...I also love the color...

  3. Dawna, how bout the recipe - that soap looks awesome!

  4. Elizabeth,
    As of this afternoon, I have the torso and arms completed. It sounds crazy but, I crocheted a doll body, back when I was just 12 years old, and it seems to be coming back to me. After 27 years, that's amazing. LOL I'm only getting a chance to work on her a few minutes each night, so it could be a while...

  5. Thanks A. Marie! The color sort of reminds me of Neutrigena.

  6. Nancy,
    I don't have a real recipe, as I was just playing it by ear, but I'll try...

    I just used some melted up some unscented, clear, glycerin soap base, about 1 lb. I'm thinking you can get glycerin soap bars pretty cheaply from the dollar store and re-batch them.Then I added 1 TBS of olive oil, 1 tsp of the vanilla extract, and 3 TBS of raw honey. I had planned add some castor oil, but Selly and I were talking and I forgot it. Then I just mixed it well by hand and poured into my molds.

    I used it last night and my face, elbows, and heels, are still soft as butter today. To me, that's almost a miracle. LOL


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