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Yay! ... Boo!

were supposed to load up, yesterday evening, and drive to Asheville. I was just sick, anticipating that long trip, on those busy highways. Ross had an appointment for some dental work on Wednesday and since Hubs also planned to attend a class in the same town, she and I were going to spend the week with him at the hotel, as the room was already paid for.

I'll admit, I was very relieved, when I called Ross' doctor yesterday, to tell them that she has a cold, and was told that the dental work would need to be rescheduled. Seems they won't put a small child under, if they have any sign of congestion.

Yay! Four straight days of just me and the kids! No arguing. No bickering. No complaints about my cooking. No evil looks or smart comments, whenever I sit down to work on my crafts. Plus. Renni had already taken time from work to keep Tallen for me, so she could come over and hang out. We'd eat Chinese and watch funny movies.

Then, Hubs came in at lunchtime, coughing and wheezing. Sick as a dog. He called his boss and told her that he was too sick to make it to school. I could have cried! Boo!


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  1. Awwww..I'm sorry for you...really, I am....you would have had a lovely 4 days! I don't know what I would do if I had someone complain about my food, gave me evil looks or smart comments...I'd probably just sit and cry!

    You and my sis-in-law (Hubby's sister) have alot in common!! Stay Strong!!!!


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