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My "Masterpiece" !

Almost to the point of insanity, I have been working on the same beaded earring pattern for nearly four years...

I began working on it, using software that I owned, via the crafting software company that I work for. But, the beading graph was turned wonky and, using my boss as a translator, I spent a few weeks telling the Russian programmer exactly how the graph needed to be drawn up. He finally got it right, after a few months, as he had to take a break, due to illness. Then I set back to work.

I had it almost right when my computer went off the deep end and I had to reformat. As this wasn't a finished pattern, I did not have it saved or printed. : (
I set back to work again. But with Tallen going through his stuff, Ross just being a toddler, and Hubs ridiculing me, whenever I sat down to do this, the going was slow. Then, lightening came in on my computer and killed it and I lost all my work again. So, I gave up for a while. Then, this past week, I was inspired to try again.

I finished the pattern to my satisfaction and set about beading up the earrings. With the puppy being born and other commotion, I mis-beaded and had to undo my work 3 times! I was to the point of tears but I took a breather and went back at it. Finally, FINALLY!, I have a finished product. So far, I have gotten quite a few compliments, so I must have done alright. Here they are...

Cowboy End of Trail Earrings
I am really proud of these!. After a war I had last week, over folks refusing to take two seconds to add my name as designer, while they make a fortune online from my patterns, I have put a halt to selling any of my new designs. I think I will just put my energy into beading up the designs myself and selling them.

Also, poor Lola is off to the vet today. She seemed to be doing great but today started acting like she was pushing and in labor again. I'm worried she might have a dead pup inside or something....


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