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Aliens Among Us?

Tallen is notorious for refusing to have a birthday. He told me once, the entire story of how the doctor pulled him from the dark place in my tummy, into the light, and how embarrassed he was, as he didn't have any clothes on. He also told me how many other people were standing around. When I questioned how he could remember being born, he simply said he didn't know, he just knew. Then he said we couldn't talk about it again. He also was really upset that he gave me a scar.

Well, the other night, maybe 2 A.M., Tallen pokes me in the arm to wake me and says,
"I'm sorry, Mama. There's something I have to tell you. I was cut out of your tummy but I wasn't invented there. I was sent here from space, to learn more about you people, and your tummy was the only way to get here. So, you have it all wrong."
I was speechless and trying hard not to giggle at his seriousness. Then, he took my hand and kissed it and said, "It's OK, Mama, I forgive you."

His creativity is getting broader by the day. Last week, he came dancing into the room, in the middle of the night, with a cloth dinner napkin stuffed into the front and back of his undies. He wore nothing else. It was an awesome replica of a loin cloth! LOL He then sprang into this very precise and obviously well thought out, dance. He was so serious! When he finished, he turned and walked away, without ever speaking a word. I was left wondering if the event had actually happened or if I was dreaming...


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