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Strangely enough, the week it starting off pretty uneventful, here at The Castle of Chaos...

  Lola had her stitches removed today. The vet says that she has healed nicely.
Uno, the puppy, is doing great. She weighs eight ounces now, has both eyes open, and is beginning to try and walk. She's so cute!

 We knew Tallen had a gift for remembering everything he has seen or heard, ever. But we were still amazed to discover that he has memorized every single monologue and song, that Cina has had to study for Drama and Chorus. The freaky thing is, he absorbs all this information, while doing other things. He never even seemed to pay attention to her rehearsing. As it turns out, he can actually help her practice.

I've been busy, creating new designs for beaded earrings. Now I just need to bite the bullet and get them beaded up and added to my Etsy store.

I hope all of you are having a great week so far.



  1. Hope you post pics of your earrings.
    Have a great and uneventful week. I pray for those weeks too.

  2. Sounds like a talented little boy

  3. How are you doing health wise? I worry!

  4. Thanks, VL!


    I am still coping with the same issues, as I haven't had any surgeries to correct the problems. The tumors are still in my neck and inner ear. : ( My legs are in worse shape than they were to begin with, most likely because of the fall down the stairs. But, other than that, I'm freaking awesome! ROFL!
    Thanks so much for caring

  5. you are awesome. i subscribed to your blog because i loved the pure way you talk about your love for your children

  6. Oh my goodness, lunablue! What a sweet thing to say! Thanks so much for the compliment and for being one of my followers.



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