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Birthday Battle ~ I Finally Have An Answer!

Tallen has severe issues with turning a year older. We go through this every year. The closer the day gets, the more agitated he becomes. Well meaning friends and relatives will greet him by saying, "Somebody has a birthday coming up!" or "What do you want for your birthday?", sending Tallen into a total meltdown. When we have parties to celebrate the birthdays of the other kids, he wants to blow out their candles and open their presents. When we have his birthday party, he usually refuses to participate and paces around in the next room, repeating, "I hate you! I hate you all!"

     Last night, I asked him one more time, what the problem is with having a birthday. I finally got an answer. He said, " I don't want to grow up. If I grow up, I will have to do grownup stuff. Grownup stuff is dangerous and I might get killed. I want to stay this size forever. I want to be six forever. I'm always going to live here with you." Bless his heart! I am at a loss as to how I can make him feel better about the whole thing...


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  1. He is adorable!
    I think that I would tell him that he never has to leave and tell him all the great things that grown ups get to do like not being bossed around!


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