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A Cosmic Connection?

Cina and I discuss this often. It isn't a new concept by far. I just wanted to bounce it off of you, my readers, and possibly get some feedback.

Since I was a child and more and more, with each passing year, I have been aware of the fact that everyone, every living thing, is connected on a far deeper level than many people realize. A vast network, where all of our brains connect on an unconscious level.As in, all the knowledge of the universe is out there and just waiting for us to tap into it. A World Wide Web that doesn't need computers, if you will.

To me, this explains how a man was hit by lightening and could suddenly solve massive mathematical equations. Or how a woman could get a bump on the head and begin speaking fluent French.I don't think that that ability was just sitting around in their heads, waiting to be released. I think that a shock to their system knocked down some sort of guard in their minds, allowing them to borrow that knowledge from others. As these were things that they had never studied or been exposed to, this explanation seems perfectly sensible to me.

Ever start to call someone and have the phone suddenly ring, with that person on the other end of the line? I have had this happen countless times, even with people I may not have spoken to in years. How often have you contacted someone from your past and heard, "I was just thinking of you the other day."? What about Deja Vu?

My son is a perfect example. This child spouting out ABC's, before he could even walk. Identifying the letters, upper and lower, by age two. The same with numbers. Starting to read soon after. Seemingly learning things overnight, that I had not even tried to teach him, as it was way to early. He had to tap into this knowledge base somewhere. He continues to do this.

I feel that we are all connected. Some of us are more open to this fact than others. Those of us that are, probably have a much more positive outlook on life. Wouldn't it be great if we could locate the switch to turn this on in everyone?



  1. who's this guy who was hit by lightening? can you find it on google for me?

  2. Popped in from SITS! I agree. I've often thought there was a deeper tie between most of us, a strange connection that science can't understand.

  3. lunablue, I remember watching the news piece about it, when I was a teen. I could not locate it on Google, Just as I cannot locate many other things on Google. While lots of information can be found via search engines, many things still haven't made it online yet. The show might have been Unsolved Mysteries.

  4. Wow, I have never heard of either those things. The language one too, I could have bought that the shock shook something in her head and brought out understanding, but if she wasn't even fluent in it? Wow.

    We are all connected in some level, but we stay separate too for important reasons. I wouldn't mind sharing the world wide web of knowledge, but I don't want everyone to always know what I'm thinking either.

    Especially around parents and husbands. And kids. And everyone else. LOL!

  5. I think you may be on to something. That concept sounds like it could be a possiblity because it would explain so much.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


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