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We had a beautiful snow this weekend! I think the most excited had to be Ross. When she woke and saw the snow outside, she let out a whoop, worthy of a Lynard Skynard concert. She danced around and shouted, "Santa's home!"

Hubs is still being just awful. He generally gets pissy (worse than usual) around the holidays. It has more to do with the fact that I won't go play Kiss Ass with the part of his family that has treated our son like a mutant cast off, than anything else. I'm not cut out for that. I find it impossible to pretend to like someone, when I would really like to pinch their heads off. I would rather celebrate at home. Where all the kids are accepted for who they are and are comfortable.

Last week, his brother called, drunk and being belligerent. Making mean comments about me and hubs and saying we were rich, because we have Caller ID. The thing is, he actually thought he was speaking to me, until the end of the conversation, when he said something that made it obvious that he thought I was on the phone. Selly pointed out that is was her on the phone, not me.Then he told her that she didn't give a sh*t about them because she had been brainwashed. The true story is that Selly loves her grandma and would love to spend time with her. But this jerk lives there with her and always has some smart or abusive comment for her, whenever we have to stop by for something. I didn't brainwash her. She just saw first hand how her brother was treated, how I was treated, and knew it wasn't fair.

At any rate, Hubs wasn't home. I tried calling his cell several times and couldn't get him. When he came home later, I told him of the call and commented that, had his brother shown up, I would have called the police. Because A. He would have been driving drunk to get here and B. I was home alone with the kids and the last time he came here in that shape, he pointed a gun at me. As usual, Hubs turned it around and jumped down my throat...

"Yeah. That's the thing to do! Call the law on the man and get him in trouble!"

"Excuse me. You're not upset that he called and said the things he did? Yet, you're upset that I might have gotten him in trouble? Please say you are kidding."

"Well, for God's sake, give the man a chance to actually do something wrong, before you make a call like that."

"Calling here and being abusive is wrong! If he showed up here drinking, just looking to argue more in person, that would be wrong. I think the smart thing would be to remain inside and call the police to come and remove him.

"You would think that."

"So the better option would have been to invite him in and let him act like an ass in front of our kids? I grew up like that and won't have my kids doing the same. We don't drink in front of them, why would we let someone else? Plus, he has that pistol and I'm not willing to take chances."

 "He's never shot anyone. You would have been fine."

"Anyone that has every shot someone, had a point in there lives where you could have said the same for them."

So basically, Hubs is an idiot. This happens every single time someone does something wrong towards me or the kids. I catch more Hell from Hubs for wanting to defend us, than the other person ever does. Such bullshit...

On a happier note, the kids and I are decorating the tree today. I'm determined to not let Hubs bring me down this holiday season.


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