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Top Ten Thursday - Things That Irk the Piss Out of Me

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Things That Irk the Piss Out of Me

1."I guess."

Selly and I butt heads over this one quite often. If someone asks you to do them a favor, you shouldn't respond with,"I guess." If you don't want to do something, it would be much less rude to simply say "No." By saying "I guess.", one really means "I'll do what you ask, but I want to be sure and let you know that I would rather be doing anything but this and you are totally burdening me".

2.Using Real Ears to Display the Earrings That You Are Selling...

I absolutely cringe, when I go to my favorite site, where crafters can sell their creations, and see this going on. I do not want to buy an earring that has already been stuck in someone's piercing. It is just gross. Can it even be sold as "new" after that? Look. Once you call it an earring, I have a pretty good idea where I should wear it, I don't need a demo. Stick it through a picture of a woman's ear, lay it on a table, hang it from a tree branch, but please don't wear it. No matter how much I love your creativity and funky designs, I don't know you or your history. In this day and time, I'd prefer not to take any chances.

At least have the decency to lie to me and say that I will be receiving a pair of earrings like the ones being modeled or that you replace the french wires before shipping. I used to work in a jewelry store and we had signs posted all over, stating that pierced earring were never to be tried on.

3.Turning Any Flat Surface Into a Table

This is a daily occurrence at the Castle of Chaos. Someone, two lazy to walk a few extra steps, places whatever they have in their hands on the nearest flat surface. Tables, counters, stove, refrigerator, toilet tank, etc... I once sat a box upside-down, in the middle of the kitchen floor, just to see how long it would remain clear. It was less than thirty minutes, before a stack of books had been placed on it!


It is unreal, the times that I approach the two girls and ask which one did this or that and they both deny it was them. Of course, unless we have a really gifted ghost, who likes to wear my makeup, borrow my clothes, or use my computer,it has to be one of them. It was so funny one day. I asked who had cleaned the kitchen last and they both said "Not me!". I replied that I only wondered because the person had done a nice job. Cina came clean and admitted it was her. Saying she had only denied it, thinking something was wrong.

5. "Who is this?"

People actually have the nerve to call another person's house and ask, "Who is this?", when they answer. My response is always a pissy, "Who is this? You called me!

6. Clothing Labels

I think consumers have suffered long enough. Stop with the scratchy paper/cloth/mystery substance that clothing manufacturers insist on putting in our clothes. The technology is now available to print all the information onto the inside of garments. Would you rather I remember your shirt because it was comfortable, or because I nearly crashed my car, trying to yank your label from the neck of that shirt?

7. Swingers

Let me clarify this, so as not to offend all the swingers out there. What a couple does in the privacy of their sex life is none of my business and I want to keep it that way. Just because you and your wife may have decided that a third person is exactly what your sex life needs, that in no way is a green light for you to approach me with such a proposition. Especially when I have never even hinted at being attracted to either one of you. But you just had to cross the line. Now I feel creeped out by both of you and never want to hang out with you again. Congratulations.

If I seem a little passionate about my opposition to it, it's because I was actually approached with this, just this week. By a man who has known me since grade school. If my other male friend from school is reading this right now, he is probably howling with laughter, as he will know exactly who it I am talking about.

8. People That Assume I have More Kids Than I Want/ Need

When someone hears that we have six kids, then chuckles, winks, and asks, "Don't y'all know what causes that, by now?" I want to kick him in the balls and ask, "Don't you know that question makes your nuts hurt, by now?"

No, all my kids were not planned, but they are the very life of me. From the time they were the size of the period at the end of this sentence, I was imagining what they would look like and who they will grow up to be. So, to have someone turn that into a joke, especially right in front of them, just boils my blood.

9. Shrinking Products

Prices keep going up and the products keep getting smaller. I swear, when I was a kid, one box of Hamburger Helper would feed us all. There were eight kids and two adults then. I hadn't made it in a long time. I nearly peed laughing the other night, when I opened a box and saw that there was only around 1/2 C of paste included, if that much.
The same goes for chips. I realize there needs to be air in the bag to cushion the product. But why did the chips used to only need a couple of inches of air space and now, over half the bag is air? These companies either think we are blind or dumb as dirt.

10. Our Kids Are Going to Grow Up with Spinal Problems

Have you ever lifted your child's book bag? The older they get, the heavier the bag will get. The weight is unreal! Some brilliant person invented the rolling book bag, only to have most schools ban them, because the marred their precious floors. My daughters honestly complain with backaches. I have gone through their bags, questioning if they can't leave some of these at school. But, no. If they have homework in a book, they have to bring that book home. Multiply that by 7 or 8 classes and it's just too much.

I say, in this age of computers and E-books, there is no reason why school books can't be put online and on E-readers.



  1. I agree with #5- that drives me NUTS! Also the people that call up for my husband and say (when I answer the phone) "SGT So and So?" I always say "No, this is his wife, I will get him for you."

    Is it so hard to add a few more words to that? "Is (insert name here) there?"

  2. Stopped in from SITS. How about the changing of sizes by manufaturers! Somehow changing my size lower is supposed to make me buy more clothes? I don't get it. All it does is frustrate me that what I ordered is too big even though I haven't lost any weight and now I have to return the darn thing.
    Caren with a "C" www.preservinghomebasics.com

  3. LOL... I meant manufaCturers, not manuFATurers, although it kind of fits.

  4. I love your Top Ten list. I also did one in my blog. They are a lot of fun :)

    I remember how heavy my backpack was. Not fun. Ouch.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  5. Stopping bu from SITS. Really enjoyed this post!
    #5 is also a pet peeve of mine--You called ME, fool!

  6. Seems like most everyone agrees with the rude caller one. Hubs thinks I get too bent out of shape over that, but hey, rude is rude...

    Caren, that is so true! I had noticed that a while back and thought it was just a mistake. Didn't realize they were now doing that on purpose.

    Thanks for stopping by y'all!

    If you have a blog on your profile, I'll be stopping by soon!



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