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Midweek State of the Household Address, From the Castle of Chaos

First of all, waves and big hugs to all my new followers. If you have a blog address attached to your profile, I will be stopping by soon.

Tallen was sick as a dog, when he woke yesterday morning. His head ached and he was vomiting. I know it's this weather system that moving in, as I have had a migraine for the past two days as well. After about three hours, he finally managed to keep down some Ibuprophen and drink a soda. He took a short nap, with a cold cloth, and woke feeling a lot better around mid-morning. Actually, he was starving! He ate yogurt first, as I wasn't taking any chances. When that stayed down, he polished off some ABCs and 123s. By dinnertime last night, he was demanding lasagna. I would have been happy to have made it but the hamburger was frozen solid. So, guess what we're having for dinner tonight?

He and I both woke with migraines this morning! Mine was a blinding one, so trying to find us medication was a real treat. Happily, mine is gone now. Tallen is sleeping like a log, so his must be a lot better also.

In other news...

The man who molested me as a child and also molested my sister, sent me a friend request on Facebook this past weekend. I couldn't believe the nerve of this guy! I called my sister to tell her and discovered that he had sent her one as well. Then found out that he had also sent one to my adult daughter. He may well have the rest of the world snowed. But as far as my sister and I go, he knows that we were there and that we know what he is about, I can't imagine why one of the voices in his fat head told him this was a good idea. Besides, what could he possible have to say? At any rate, none of us accepted. I wonder if he was surprised.

My new mattress...

After trying in vain to find a mattress that doesn't have me waking up paralyzed with pain, I finally settled on one. It seems that my mattress, with an Aerobed on top of it, with a feather bed on top of that, is just the trick. I feel like the Princess and the Pea story, atop that heap of mattresses! No way to make it look neat, but at least I can sleep well.

My Old Refrigerator...

Yes, my fridge died. We haven't replaced it yet but, we are making do with two dorm size refrigerators and the deep freezers, so there's no rush. I just feel so fortunate that we had those on hand and didn't lose a lot of food. Maybe the Maytag fairy will come see me...

Some Great News...

A few days ago, I was contacted by Taste of Home magazine and informed that I have been chosen to be one of their field editors. I am so excited! I have always loved that magazine, as it is full of down home recipes, submitted by regular folks.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!



  1. I can't believe the nerve of the facebook stalker! I hope he suffers and then suffers some more before he dies.
    And you are really gifted if you have Taste of Home magazine contacting you. Good job!

  2. facebook has created a very weird version of life where the pervs from our past can pop back up & peek at our lives. i'm glad you guys all rejected him. maybe you can report him on some grounds too.
    i hope the maytag fairy visits you soon!


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