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Hidden Blessings

Over the last few months, I have experienced the death of several of my appliances. The worst loss would be my refrigerator. However, the freezer side still works at the coldness level of a refrigerator, I have two mini refrigerators, and two deep freezes, so all is well,just a little inconvenient.

A few days ago, the tub of my dryer collapsed and will no longer tumble the clothes. The repairman that we want to call in had to have eye surgery and is recovering, so I asked Hubs to pick me up some clothesline and pins. We got the lines put up yesterday afternoon and I spent some time showing the girls how to use this "alien" device.

This morning, the sun was shining beautifully and there was a slight breeze, so I grabbed my basket of laundry and headed out the door. As I stood there, shaking out each piece and then placing it on the line, I couldn't help but be absorbed by the beauty all around me. There were birds hopping sweetly nearby, while other flew overhead, or remained hidden in the trees, singing happily. Squirrels were running about, darting up and down random trees, doing whatever it is that squirrels do on a wonderful day like this.

The laundry was cool and damp to the touch and showered my nose with the scent of lavender. My sweet guard dog, who I rarely have time to play with, appeared at my side, holding an entire tree branch in her mouth. Her eyes looking up at me with hyper anticipation, just itching to play a game of Fetch. I found a more suitable sized stick nearby and gave it a hurl. As I watched her bound off after it, I heard myself laugh. I'd almost swear I could feel my blood pressure go down.

When the basket was empty, I picked it up and headed for the house, one "chore" under my belt, feeling more like I had just taken a mini vacation. I think it's going to be quite a while before I give that repairman a call...


  1. Here from SITS; I think our appliances are in ca-hoots, and quite possibly our dogs are related.
    It's sunny here today as well, so I should probably go outside and lower mine as well lol ;)

  2. My hubs is not a fan of clotheslines but I have always wanted one. Jealous of that little mini vacation you had!


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